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The last episode of the Unusuals

Unusuals-tv-01Being a female cop in NYC can’t be easy and then on top of that add that you come from one of the richest families in the city… it can make things a bit awkward for most.

That’s the premise behind the character of Detective Casey Shraeger [Amber Tamblyn], that she’s a “rich girl” who decided to want more out of life, so much more that she became a police officer and detective for the 2nd Prescient in New York.

I really wish this show wouldn’t have grown on me. I mean, it’s debut was the same week as Southland and I thought both shows would be cancelled in a matter of minutes – but a premier is are hard thing to dish out. You have 1 hour to tell the world EVERYTHING about your show in a cohesive and interesting manor – and if you don’t… say la vee!

The Unusuals preimer wasn’t that great, but neither was Southland. I turned on Southland for one reason and one reason only – Ben McKenzie – I used to watch The O.C. so I had to check it out. But in a way the same goes with The Unusuals – Amber Tamblyn was on General Hospital and when she left I was sad, then I watched her in Joan of Arcadia and then The Unusuals.  But The Unusuals also boasted the talent of a LOT of great people, Harold Perrineau who was an original cast member of Lost, Adam Goldberg who was in Dazed and Confused, Friends, Entourage, and on and on and on, and then there was even Monique Gabriela Curnen who was in the last Batman movie, “The Dark Knight.” I sat on my couch and thought, “Well, the story needs work, but look at this cast!”

And then the next week it was, “Holy crap! Do you hear the soundtrack of this show?” Before writing each one of these I’d attempt to find out what bands had been used for different segements of the show.

And then the ax fell and The Unusuals got the boot, but Southland didn’t. Two episodes into Southland I stopped watching, my theory was simple, I have HBO – if I want to watch the Wire, I will. (and I don’t)

I could sit here and recap the last episode for you, but it’s not going to bring it back. Writing to ABC may. Flooding the website with emails, signing the petition may help (but I doubt it since they need 50,000 names and don’t have 4,000 yet…) But sitting here and telling you how the writing was wonderful, the stories are developing and how I grew closer to the characters, the characters that I’ll never see again unless ABC decided to release the one and only season of The Unusuals on a box set later this year (or I should say Sony since they are the ones that own the right to the show) but there is no news of this ever happening.

So what are we going to do?

As I’ve stated 1,000 times, I hate this stupid reality TV crap. I know a lot of you agree with me on that, probably the same people who don’t want to see The Unusuals go – but no one does anything about it and there is only so much I can do without your help.

And that leaves us at this – last night the last episode of The Unusuals aired on ABC with no hope of it coming back next season at all. If you love the actors from The Unusuals know that Amber Tamblyn has a new movie in production called, “Main Street.” Jeremy Renner will be in the soon to be released war movie “The Hurt Locker” and I’m sure most, if not all, of the rest of the cast will be around for you to see in follow in then up coming months.

And to all of you that hung in there till the end, thanks for watching The Unusuals. 

…another one bites the dust…


4 Responses to “The last episode of the Unusuals”

  1. OH thanks for this nice tribute to a really good show, that I was hoping to see more of, too. Yes, I got really invested in the characters. I wanted to see what would happen to them. Sad.

    • Yes it is. When shows like this one are cancelled I just get sad because I feel the quality of good television shows are at an all time low.

      I wish everyone involved with the show good luck! Actors, creators and crew a like!

  2. This really sucks…I was hoping they would rethink it and give the Unusuals another shot…TV is getting worse and a big reason is they don’t give good shows a c.hance

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