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Welcome Back True Blood – HBO

HBO Blk-Its HBO logoI was on the fence last year about this show.

The onslaught of vampire shows and movies that flooded the entertainment world after the success of “Twilight” left nothing but a bad taste in my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole vampire lore that has been heating up screens since the dawn of cinema – from Nosferatu to Interview of a Vampire – I’ve been there through it all.

When Stephenie Meyer’sTwilight” series hit the stands, was berated by everyone I knew (who was a girl) about reading it – so I did.  When the movie came out, I actually passed, but when True Blood came out – I called up my cable provider and started paying for HBO.

Why? Alan Ball. (You may be familiar with some of his other work, namely “Six Feet Under” and “American Beauty.”)

I still feel the first season was a bit weak. I feel it started off strong, tripped along the way and then someone went – “Oh, crap! We have a hit show on our hands!!!” and the show was brought back up a level or two. (I enjoyed the introduction of Eric, Pam and Jessica – they crack me up.  OH!  And Lafayette!! LOVE HIM!)

Sookie is an interesting enough character, a tad whiney, but interesting. Then again, anyone that can hear what others are thinking ALL of the time, except for her vampire lover, is interesting – but what in the town of Bon Temps, LA isn’t? We have people reading minds, vampires, shape-shifter, whatever Maryanne Forrester is supposed to be (I’m pulling for the devil…) Then we have excersosims, drunken deputies, killer cajuns, and boobs galore. Let’s not forget the anti-vampire church [Fellowship of the Sun], Fan-tasia and all the other fun places to hang out and get involved.

I know a lot of people that love this show – hence me giving it a second chance. I figure I may have missed something but at the same time I do agree with Chris Gore, of G4s Attack of the Show when he said guys like True Blood because it gets their woman hot – Fang Bangers. I can agree with that. I also agree a little with Linda Stasi of the New York Post when she had stated that Ball was over obsessed with death and that the show could be boring. Regardless, I have high hopes for this season and they kicked us in the face with the death of Janet (the woman who “excercised” the demons from Tara’s mother – for a fee) to Lafayette, who I’m happy to say is still alive, I’m pulling that Eric turns him into a vampire… Lafayette as a vampire would be so much fun.

Oddly enough, the three characters that I’m NOT pulling for are Sookie, Bill and Jason – but the writers of HBO’s True Blood must be doing something right, because if those three were just totally bad or just underdeveloped characters I suppose I wouldn’t care for them at all. (Mostly I wish some one would smack around the Stackhouse’s a bit – when I see them all I think is “high maintenance.” He’s already dead Sookie, he can’t really die for you any more…)

HBO’s True Blood will be airing it’s second season on Sunday @ 9pm!  If you missed the first season it is on sale now and can be found nearly everywhere – including on I heard there are a lot of cool extras on the disk, I may have to pick it up myself regardless of the dip in the middle of the season, (and the fact that I liked Renee… the jerk.)


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