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Vampire Diaries – the CW

Two weeks ago The CW released a extended trailer of their upcoming vampire teen drama:

Everyone is compairing it to Twilight (which is to be expected) but the promos are stating its a “bloodier” version of the teen hit movie created by Stephenie Meyer.  L.J. Smith’s take on the world of good and evil and a teenage girl.  The story follows the beautiful Elena (Nina Dobrev), a shy but popular girl, is sad from the loss of her parents but finds a friend in the mysterious Stefan (Paul Wesley) and then later is also persued by Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

Stefan is trying to be a good boy, you know, not eat the locals – while Damon embraces his inner demon and chooses to do as he pleases.

The fight over Elena’s soul will play out on Thrusdays at 8pm on the CW starting this fall.

But if you need your vampire fix RIGHT NOW!  True Blood’s second begins this Sunday at 9pm on HBO.


4 Responses to “Vampire Diaries – the CW”

  1. I absolutely HEART this series. I can remember being a teenager and wearing out my paperbacks. And how apt that Kevin Williams did Scream and Dawson’s Creek – cuz this would be kind of a Scream meets The Creek type series. Can’t wait!!

  2. I’ve read the books and I am happy that they have made this into a series. I just hope it does well.

    • As do I. I think having Kevin Williams at the helm will do wonders seeing that he’s familiar with both young adult and horror audiences!

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