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The Unusuals Finale


Yes.  It’s true.  The Unusuals is still NOT set to return this fall.  This makes me sad.

Tonight’s episode didn’t leave me dangling off the side of a cliff, but it made me angry because I just really like this show. It doesn’t look like the petition is doing too well, but that just reaffirms the fact that American can only do something when prompted to in text form.   

One step closer to making Idiocracy our true future!  I’M SO EXCITED!  

I really am interested to see what would have happened to this cast… but I guess we’ll never know!  One day, one day reality television will be gone… I wish I really believed that.

The Unusuals – You will be missed!


3 Responses to “The Unusuals Finale”

  1. I’m really pissed off about this…It’s a great show, with great writing, great characters, and great stories…It’s sad to see the way TV has gone…And well I guess people too…Seems to be more mindless in the way people out there everyday.

  2. Episodes 9 and 10 have yet to air. June 10 and June 17 (the series finale).

    I am upset also that ABC canceled The Unusuals, but I think the cast will do just fine. Go see The Hurt Locker (starring Jeremy Renner) when its released… You will not be disappointed.

    • Well thanks for the update! I’m happy that I have at least 2 more episodes to go. And to be honest, my anger is purely selfish. I really like the show and I’ll miss it. I’m sure the actors will do just fine – most of them I’ve known for years from Amber Tamblyn on General Hospital to Adam Goldberg who has been in so many movies and televisions shows if you don’t know him you really haven’t been paying attention… Honestly the only two actors I didn’t know at the start of this show were Jeremy Renner and Joshua Close. And now I’m happy to have met them.

      But, that just adds to the pain – such a talented cast. I’ll be sure to check out The Hurt Locker! (and there is a link for anyone else who would like to check it out too!)

      Thanks for reading!

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