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The Unusuals, Harper’s Island, Reaper – OH MY!


With the announcements of which shows from this lovely season have been cancelled hanging in the air around me, I’m finding it hard to concentrate.  I have the “Renewed/Cancellation” list sitting next to my computer and I find my eyes drifting towards it time and time again.

The result is always the same though… I get annoyed.  Annoyed at the fact it seems if a show is written well it gets the ax, BUT if its big and bright or filled with wannabe super stars – the world just loves it.  SHINY!  Soon enough world network exes will just do half our spots of red laser pointers hoping well just paw at the screen in utter joy until they let go of the button, “Where’d it go?  WHERE’D IT GO?  THE LIGHT WAS RIGHT THERE!  No… no.. no… I saw it… THERE IT IS!”

On the “Damn it was interesting while it lasted list” were the following Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (you know – that big “Christian Bale” movie thing wouldn’t have drawn in more viewers…naw…), The Unusuals (a killer show, with a great cast and some of the best damn background music I’ve ever heard) and Harper’s Island (the mid-season replacement that is just balls.  BALLS I TELL YOU!)

I’m leaving Reaper out, for now, because it’s still ‘floating’ around out there in the nether-lands of television.  Don’t get me wrong, the fact that is is ‘floating‘ anywhere pisses me off – but still… there is a chance it might end up in syndication. (You sent a letter to your CW affiliate, right?  If you haven’t, please do so and thank you.)

the-unusualsI watched The Unusuals tonight, “Tape Delay.”  We only have one more episode left before the series is done (you know, unless we fight to keep it on the air… Did you know that Shai LaBeouf stated that Amber Tamblyn “may be better than all the dudes…” in Playboy when he was asked who is the best actors under 30 in Hollywood?  Just a tidbit for you – the little girl from General Hospital – better than the boys…)

Tonight we finally got to see Casey admit to the entire 2nd precinct that she is rich, we learned more about Walsh and the rest of the crew and I want to know even more.  I’m pretty darn sure there is going to be some sort of cliff hanger next Wednesday and what?  I’m never supposed to know?!  You’re killing me ABC!  KILLING ME!  

If you are one of us who would like the “SAVE THE UNUSUALS!”  There is a petition you can sign, but I also suggest contacting ABC and letting them know what you think about them canceling this show. 

harpers_island-showUp next, Harper’s Island.  This too was a mid-season replacement.  (Why can’t we just play full seasons of shows and if the blow just don’t bring them back?  You know, unless they’re Heroes or Dollhouse – then they can blow AND you can bring them back.)

We lost yet another wedding guest last Saturday.  SPLOOSH!  That is the sound the harpoon gun made when it… you get the picture.  I knew this show wasn’t going to come back, but right now I’m just hoping that CBS finishes the run of the show.  I, personally, would like to know who is doing this!  Is it more than one person?  Is it the Sheriff?  Maybe it’s Madison and she’s possessed!  Or maybe, JUST maybe it really IS Wakefield!??!

Right now only has 2 more episodes listed, so maybe it will be pulled before we have a final death count or maybe is being neglected since the world now knows Harper’s Island is it’s own victim… (sorry, bad humor)

Reaper CWMy beloved Reaper… The season finale was on Tuesday.  We watched Sam FINALLY have his chance to challenge the Devil and what  happens?  Steve breaks his hand.  (It’s hard to play quarters with a broken hand…)

Now the Devil owns Sam AND Andi’s souls.  But will we ever know?  WILL WE? (I’m not sure, I haven’t read any updates today – but I’ll keep you posted.)

The CW hasn’t been doing well for a while now.  Their hit show One Tree Hill is being totally re-casted so they can keep the show on the air for a much cheaper price.  They are also opting to run repeats of Top Model and bringing on board the revamp of Melrose Place and a new teen/tween vampire drama this fall called “Vampire Diaries.” Oh, and they dropped their Sunday programs for syndicated shows – like Legend of the Seeker.  (which I love)

But right now I just want to say… come on guys!  Why do we sit here and let them taunt us with good shows only to have them pulled out from under our feet so that we can have more shows like, “Hitched or Ditched”?  Let me just clear that up – DITCH THEM – because there is only one reason to go on TV get make that choice… $$$


…more to come… 

  • “V” – aliens back in our living room
  • Parenthood – it didn’t work in the 80’s but hey, what the hell?!
  • Eastwick – anyone remember Witches of Eastwick?
  • Secret Diary of a Call Girl – <- that show is a gem and you need to watch it
  • Doctor Who movie?
  • … and so much more

But for now, I’m tired.  So good night!


4 Responses to “The Unusuals, Harper’s Island, Reaper – OH MY!”

  1. Aryn, thanks for your great review here and info on saving REAPER. We still have high hopes. has an excellent summary of the latest news here. Fans, check it out, join in!

  2. I love all three of these shows. And I wish the day of the reality shows era would DIE DIE DIE! Simon Cowell needs to OD on his ego and all the booze he drinks. I’ve not only signed the petition, but contacted ABC as well. I too would like to know the end to Harper’s Island and as much as I truly love Reaper…I’ve felt this coming for a while. I was surprised it survived the writers strike and feel like maybe it would have had a better chance if it hadn’t dragged its feet for so long moving the plot line along. oh well.

    Side note: I’m totally not surprised Cupid didn’t last. Jeremy Piven owned that character it really should never have been remade in the first place.

    • I agree. Reality television gives me hives. I don’t understand the fascination with it, but then again I was never one to follow gossip rags in general. The dumbing down of this country, and the world for that matter, really makes me angry.

      Thank you for contacting ABC and signing the petition! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed even though it looks bad. And thank you for reading!

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