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Reaper DMV & Jenny Wade (a.k.a. Nina)


This was posted over on the Reaper DMV page and I brought it over here for you to see!  (You should still check out Reaper DMV)


Dear Friends of Reaper,

Just wanted to thank the fans for all their efforts. We love our show and look forward to seeing whether or not our efforts bring us back from the brink. I have emailed the following to every outlet I know, and submit it here in case anyone would like to copy and paste in the same fashion. 
Best of everything,

“Nina”, Reaper Season 2


Dear ____,

I’ve been hearing talk that the Tribune may have something to do with saving “Reaper” from the undeserved condemnation to the proverbial TV graveyard by pairing it with LOTS. This news is beyond exciting.
As a cast member I can tell you that we are all on board with you and fully supportive of this venture. We love our show and believe it has all the potential in the world to make a serious impact for whomever decides to champion it!
The show has an incredibly dedicated fanbase, as shown by the series astronomical DVD sales and diligence in scoring admirable ratings against juggernaut American Idol two seasons running!
Seeing this series thrive, as it is meant to, and WILL DO, is something I, and it’s legions of fans, anticipate highly!


Jenny Wade

“Demon Nina” Reaper, Season 2 cast member

P.S. If I have reached you in error, would you please forward this on to whom it may concern? Thank you!




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