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Party Down Finale – Stennheiser-Pong Wedding Reception


Yesterday was the finale episode of Starz’s Party Down series and it just left us wanting more, now didn’t it?

With Constance still gone, her bubbly happy go luck, ‘shroom popping roommate was back to help the Party Down crew work the Stennheiser-Pon Wedding Reception.

That would be the least of your worries.  In walks Valhalla Catering, run by one Ula Benget [Kristen Bell], who tells the Party Down crew that their purpose is just to say in the barn and load the trays!  Ula used to work for Ron, and after the Reunion debachal that he never really got over, the sight of Ula sends him into the back of the Party Down van where he starts drinking.

Roman is put on bathroom sign duty where he uses the chance to stalk George Takei as he uses the bathroom, and then later feeds him shellfish – George Takei – “If his throat swells, put him on ice!”

Kyle tells the newly wed Mr. Stennheiser that he would do “anything” to get a part in his next move. Mr. Stennheiser quickly passes him off to another man at the party… and I’m not totally sure Kyle understood what they thought he meant by anything… 

Henry took over the show, seeing he was the only stable one, only to find out that Cassey got a gig on a cruise ship and needs to leave early so she can pack for her 6 month jobs as a stand-up on a cruise line.  The Ron finally got his wish of running a SoupR’ Crackers – so there Henery is.  Alone.  

And now in charge of Party Down.

Didn’t he decided NOT to leave L.A. for Casey?  Yeah… poor Henry…


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  1. Can I use your images on my site if I link back?

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