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Legend of the Seeker Final


I do love this show, just when I think I know what’s to come they throw me a curve ball.

Tonight we saw a variant of the future.   What the world would be like if Richard vanished and Kahlan married Darken Rahl and then had his child.  That child who was concieved in order to help The Seeker, who Kahlan finds out was transported into the future, her child would then meet up with Richard and send him back to defeat his father in the present – saving her and all of the Midlands for the terror of Lord Rahl.

She has a beautiful baby boy named Nicholas. 

But that’s the problem.  Kahlan and Rahl have a boy – and male Confessors are evil to the core.  No matter what Kahlan does, how she raises him, loves him, trains him, in the end he is still a male confessor and Nicholas is evil.  When she finally realizes what Nicholas is, it too late.  Her attempt to kill him fails and while Rahl is consoling his only child he is run through and Nicholas true self is finally known.  

He has confessed anyone and everyone he can.  The dark future of Richard’s world seems daunting, but there is a way back, no matter how slim that path may seem.

Richard must reenact the moment when he was transported 57 years into the future.  He must combined the boxes of Orden while being confessed and have a Mord-Sith use her Agiel on him at the precise moment. Here in lies the problem… How can he convince a Mord-Sith, alley to Rahl, to work with him – not that hard once she sees her sisters and read their last dying words about how Rahl Jr. has turned on them.

But what does the future hold?

When Richard reappeared in the present and Kahlan is confessing him and the Mord-Sith stops her sisters from attacking Richard while she jabs him with the agiel Richard accomplishes his goal of obtaining the power of Orden and defeating Rahl.  

Little pieces of Rahl everywhere.  

Yes, Lord Rahl is dead.  So maybe, just maybe the Midlands are safe – or maybe, just maybe someone will attempt to fill Lord Rahl’s boots and take over the vast lands Richard, Kahlan and Zed are sworn to protect…?

Luckily, this show will be back next fall!  So, you can wait till then… or you can be like me… I just ordered the first book on  Yes.  I’m impatient!


One Response to “Legend of the Seeker Final”

  1. So, it probably will not bee back. We both appreciate what they tried to do in the end. I give them credit for attempting to wrap it up. Although that last two parter was …well, complex and filled to overflowing. Alternate futures…

    Here is our take on season two with lots of pics and possibly some wit if you are interested; liking the good and shedding light on what we went wrong with a sense of humor:

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