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Now, I’ll admit, I’ve gone after Dollhouse – but I have to say, I’m not SAD that it’s cancelled.  Granted, I won’t watch next season, but at least a show that is NOT in the reality TV category is back for fall ’09.

BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t save other shows!  Now, I know that ABC is looking for a new home for Reaper (which the CW just dropped because they are on drugs…) And now ABC is dropping The Unusuals!  Why?  The show is actually good.  

So here is a petition for you guys who love this show  

But just remember – just like anything else – going DIRECTLY to the source is just the better way, so send ABC a letter telling them NOT to cancel The Unusuals!  

ABC, Inc. 
500 S. Buena Vista Street 
Burbank, CA 91521-4551

(818) 460-7477

Send them a letter or give them a call!



7 Responses to “SAVE THE UNUSUALS!!”

  1. Did you see that the CW’s fall schedule includes a repeat of America’s Next Top Model? That’s not drugs, that’s a lobotomy.

  2. Good showa are constantly getting dropped…Especially the ones they start late in the season…The networks need to give them more of a chance…Only FX and TNT stand behind there stuff…The Unusuals is one my personal top 5…I’m fighting for it…

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