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Reaper – Business Casualty


Oh Sam… will you ever learn?

With only one more episode to go in the second of Reaper – you have to sit back and ask yourself, Just how ALL KNOWING is the devil?

The Devil gave Sam a new job today in Corporate America.  A cushy little desk job with a beautiful assistant, wonderful view, a bar and the promise he will no longer have to collect souls.

The catch?  The company he now works for is in the job of corrupting people so they will rise in sin and some their souls will be the property of the Devil.  But when Sam’s dad, Mr. Oliver, sends him a text message from the 3rd ring of hell – and Sam finds out that there is a porthole to hell in the building he is now working it.  How can he leave?

With the help of his buddy Ben’s girlfriend Nina he can get the info his father collected for him on how to challenge the devil to win his soul back.

Nina, against her better judgement, head through the porthole to find Mr. Oliver and the next night at 11pm both Sam and Ben are to meet her at the porthole to get her out.  But then Sam goes and gets fired for pretending that he killed Phil, it turned out it was an accident – and Phil fell out the window trying to kill Sam.  When the big CEO Mr. Randolph finds out – he takes away the golden key to get Nina back out of hell.

In the mean time Sock was set up with another demon by the name of Maggie.  She is one of Nina’s old friends and Sock just isn’t into her – well, until she tell him she can change her appearance to be what he perceives as the perfect woman.  Yes, it turns out to be a trick, Maggie was trying to teach him a lesson – one that was lost on Sock.

But that’s O.K. – for now.

Next week, after translating the ancient demonic text on the page Mr. Oliver sent back from hell with Nina, Sam challenges the Devil… to… quarters!

For all of you that don’t know – the CW has still not released if they are bringing this show back.  So take a moment and click on the image below to Save Reaper!  And remember to tune in next week to see how Sam does in his match of Quarter with the Devil.



2 Responses to “Reaper – Business Casualty”

  1. Oh Aryn! Thanks for the support, but the CW isn’t picking up Reaper. However, ABC Studios is still trying to move the show into syndication or cable. We’re advocating all Reaper fans to write their CW affiliates. All links and info here:

    And don’t forget to contact ABC Studios and thank them for not giving up on Reaper.

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