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gleeTonight FOX aired the pilot of their upcoming fall show Glee and I’m just going to say it – I FREAKING LIKE IT!

When I saw a trailer for this show about a month ago my husband and I discussed the show.  He turned up his nose, and to be honest – so did I.  The whole “Popular vs Geek” has been done – on FOX (Family – now ABC Family) “Freaks and Geeks.”  Yes there was no music –  but who wants to see someone sing and dance and not be popular?

I was wrong.  I supposed I forgot my childhood – I dismissed my 3 years in Theater and Marching Band in high school. Maybe I just didn’t want to relive that time because even now – 15 years later – people STILL comment “Marching Band” with distane in their voice.

Once again – I was wrong.

Glee is wonderful!  It’s funny and entertaining (how can it not be with Jane Lynch, who seems to be everywhere these days. “You think that’s hard!? Try being waterboarded!)

Jane Lynch plays Sue – she in the coach of the award winning William McKinley High School Cheerleading Squad.  What does Sue want?  Perfection.  How will she get that?  By destroying this new “glee club.”

We open with a montage of this glorious Cheer Leading squad running their routiene, preparing for championships – this leads us to the Jocks.  For if there are Cheerleaders, there are surly a team of football players close by!  This introduces us to Finn Hudson [Cory Monteith], the sensitive Quarterback that ends up being blackmailed into Glee.  Hudson and his football buddies are preparing to toss Kurt [Chris Colfer] into a dumpster, but are kind enough to allow him to remove his new Marc Jacobs blazer.

We then follow Will Schuester [Matthew Morrison] past them into the school where we find out he’s the Spanish teacher.  Well, after the current teacher in charge of Glee is fired for accusations that he was “caressing” a male Glee singer (accusations made by Rachel Berry [Lea Michele] who is destined for greatness but was passed over for a solo, which prompted the tattle tale to run to the principle.)

When Sandy Ryerson [Stephen Tobolowsky] is fired (the old Glee teacher) he turns to selling medical marijuana to people, just like Coach Ken Tanaka [Patrick Gallagher]. Then there is Will’s wife Terri [Jessayln Gilsig] who just wants Will to become an accountant and support her full time.  Then she won’t have to work the grueling schedule of 4 hours a day, 3 days a week.

Other Glee club members include Mercedes [Amber Riley] who is “Beyonce” not “Kelly Rowland;” Kurt – who we already met being tossed into a dumpster; Arty [Kevin McHale] who can sing, even if he can’t walk; and Tina [Jenna Ushkowitz] who may double as a felon later in the season.

The story in the pilot was a simple one.  Will Schuester, who’s greatest days in life where when he was in Glee back in high school, just wants to do this for the kids.  His wife, Terri – who is neurotic, wants him to leave so they can get pregnant and have money.  Emma [Jayma Mays] who is the guidance councilor and in love with Will, wants Will to stay.  Couch Tanaka has a thing for Emma – who is also a germ-a-phobe.  And then there is the fact that Will has to pay $60 a month to keep Glee at all and then he needs to win regionals or Glee will be cancelled so that A.A. can use the space to host their meetings at the school.

You take that and add normal high school, plus a few fun singing numbers and you have Glee.

I can’t wait till fall!

The pilot of Glee can be watched on iTunes or online at FOX.


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  1. I really love this show.. I have watched all episodes and I can’t wait for the next one…!

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