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Legend of the Seeker – Fever!

legend-of-seeker-promo-2Next week is the last episode of this wonderful syndicated show – and this week we learned the dreadful truth that is the Seekers future.

The love of his life, Kahlan, will have to “confess” him.  (For all of you out there that don’t know, that means Richard could end up the slave of Kahlan, but there is not other way for him to use the boxes of Orden.)  This is something that Kahlan has been against from the start, but now, with no other choice?

Jensen was back, chased down by the D’harans and beaten until she forgot who she was, Darken Rahl convinced her that her brother Richard, the Seeker, had her beaten and enlisted her help to obtain the boxes.

And it nearly worked.

Lucky for all of us, it didn’t!  And like I said, next week it all comes to a head.  Will Kahlan be able to control Richard when he’s under the spell of Orden?  Will he still be in his right mind enough not to be a slave to Kahlan? What will Jensen’s role be, seeing that she is not touched by magic – and Zedd.  (He is my least favorite character on Legend of the Seeker.)

Their loyalty to each other was proven when a horrible spell was cast on the town where Jensen was seeking shelter.  The towns folk attacked Zedd for not saving them fast enough, and Kahlan had to confess a villager to stop the riot – thus infecting herself.

It was a nice set up for the finale, which I can not wait to watch!  Look out Saturday, I’m waiting for you!

Legend of the Seeker airs on WGN and the CW on Saturdays!


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