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Party Down – James Randolph High School Twentieth Reunion

party down

Party Down took us to Ron’s High School Reunion this week.  And what did Ron do?  He decided to work it to impress all of those people who didn’t respect him back in the day!

Oh Ron…

Jennifer Coolidge stood in as Constance’s roommate that is doing her job while Constance is away.  They have a bet going about Henry about him getting “back” into his career – but that’s when we find out that he’s planning no leaving.  Moving back home with the folks.  

Casey, despite their casual relationship, doesn’t take the news well – and spends her night at the reunion trying to convince Henry to stay. 

It works – but no one notices, not when Ron downs an entire bottle of whiskey in front of all of his old classmates – all because of a woman… 

Next week is the season finale of this wonderful show and the episode will boast appearances from Kristen Bell and George Takei! (Stennheiser-Pong Wedding Reception)

…I just realized that I am going to be forced to go outside… all of my shows are ending… 



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