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The Office Finale

TheOfficeNBCThis show had “Cancelled” stamped on its forehead after the first season.  I heard, somewhere, that Jenna Fischer actually took her name plate off her dressing room door the first week of shooting because she just knew the show was going to be cancelled.  (She put it in her scrapbook.)

And here we are – at the end of Season 5!

Holly was back tonight – opening old wounds for Michael – reminding him that he found the woman of his dreams only to have her transferred far away and then find her with a new man.  One that she is designing a house with.

But how can you beat Chair Pants?

The show was funny.  I say GO OFFICE for an outstanding season finale.  From Dwight’s best friend who spent his time bashing Angela (until Dwight stopped him… a new romance next season?)  To Andy attempting, poorly, to hit on the new receptionist – Erin.  Then we can’t forget “Slum Dunder Mifflin-aire” and the outing of the closing Bufflo branch or how Pam was a volleyball GODDESS!


~sigh~ Pam and Jim are pregnant… Go Dunder Mifflin!  

I love this show. And I’m proud of Michael for not saying anything to Holly, but I have to say – moves my heart how much of a romantic he is. I hope he’s right in the end.

I really do.


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