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Parks and Recreation Finale


Tonight on Parks and Recreation we learned that Mark hasn’t changed, Tom has a smoking hot wife, Andy used his leg casts to get Ann to wait on him hand and foot – and Leslie dates 66 year old men – by accident.

Parks and Rec was pretty good tonight, and seeing that it will be coming back next season – that is a good thing. I actually enjoyed this episode and felt something for the cast. (Something other than the fact that Parks is an Office rip off)

Keeping my fingers crossed that next season will put this half hour comedy on the map and separate it from it’s Office counter part – and I’m also hoping that Leslie can find herself a good man that isn’t Mark.

I must say, for a moment there I thought Ann was going to go home with Mark.

Glad I was wrong!

See you this Fall Parks and Recreation!  Please use this summer to find your own voice.


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