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Summer Releases!


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MERLIN – This is a fantasy series about the adventures of Merlin and Arthur BEFORE they were the greatest Wizard and King of all time.  Set to premier on Sunday, June 21st @ 8pm.

Merlin is a BBC show (actually from the same people who brought you Doctor Who) – here is a clip from BBC I found.  The BBC page for the show is wonderful – but most of the apps can’t be played here in the States…


THE METEOR – is a mini series that will span between June 12th & the 19th. Two MASSIVE rock crash into each other in outer space, which changes their course and sets them tumbling towards Earth!!  Oh, whatever will we do?!  

Boasting a cast of Christopher Lloyd, Stacy Keach, Billy Campbell and Jason Alexander.  I’ll watch it.  It’s a BIG ROCK aimed at Earth!  Who could pass that up?


Next is another mini-series on NBC – THE STORM – This is the story of a rich man taking his time and money and making a weather machine.  This weather machine was built with good intentions, to keep the USA the superpower it deserves to be, but in good conscience the head scientist working on the project, Dr. Jonathan Kirk (James Van Der Beek) tells the good rich man – Robert Terrell (Treat Williams) that it needs to stop!  But Robert Terrell is working WITH the government, as represented by his good buddy Army General Braxton (David James Elliott).

No one listens to the good doctor – so he is forced to find a reporter to talk too!  Danni Wilson (Teri Polo), our reporter, is going to expose them!!  As every good reporter should!  Then… everything goes wrong.

Besides those names – The Storm also has roles filled by John Larroquette, Luke Perry and Marisol Nichols.

I couldn’t find a clip to post on here, but there is one on the NBC page for The Storm, so just follow that there link. (and the embedded code from the NBC page just turns up as code on here and not a player… sorry for that.) for CBS… I can’t find any news about a 2009 summer schedule.  For now, because I’ll keep looking, I’m going to bring up Harper’s Island.  

harpers_island-show There are 8 more episodes of this one time deal show left to be viewed.  Seeing that it runs past the normally scheduled CBS shows (every other shows finale is this week) I’m calling it their “summer show.”

Only problem with that is that it looks like CBS may be pulling this little gem before we all get a full taste of the show.

For you who have missed it – Harper’s Island is the story of a young woman named Abby Mills.  She has returned home to Harper’s Island to be in the wedding of her best friend, Henry Dunn, but there is a really good reason to why she left 7 years earlier.  

John Wakefield.

Wakefield killed Abby’s mother, along with a slew of other Harper’s Island residents.  So, here we are, 7 years past the day that Abby’s father – Sheriff Charlie Mills shot and killed Wakefield – when it all starts happening again.  Each week we watch person after person, guest after guest die – and who is doing the killing?  WE DON’T KNOW!  (And we may never know if the show is canceled… so please take the time to check it out!)

Harper’s Island airs on Saturdays @ 9pm – and check out Harper’s Globe


The_Goode_Family_castABC brings us a new Mike Judge cartoon called, “THE GOODE FAMILY

You may know Mike Judge from shows like Beavis and Butthead or, more recently, King of the Hill.  

With standards always changing, no matter how hard you try to be good, it’s virtually impossible these days . . . especially for the Goode family.

The Goode Family is due to premier Wednesday, May 27th @ pm (meaning this show is not for your children – so don’t be a dolt and think because the word “Goode” is in the title, that it IS for your kids.)

More to come soon!!




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