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Reaper – To Sprong, With Love


Tonight on Reaper we learned something new… we learned that female demons can go into heat and when that happens, really lame male demons will hit on the female demons and say things like, “I’m going to make soft, slow love to you – really hard.”

We also learned that Bargin Bench has a mascot that is similar to the mascot Work Bench created – “Wrenchie” Bench.  (Oh the great battle between wrench and hammer – who do you pick?  Probably the old lady…)

Tonight Sam and his friends had to save their high school science teacher – Mr. Sprong – from an escaped soul who hated Sprong because he was mean.  Which he was, to everyone – so it wasn’t a surprise that Sam and the others thought Sprong was the escaped soul.  

On the side, Ben was humped by a male demon when he was trying to protect Nina’s honor.  Ted is back in charge at the Bench… for now.  Sam and Andi are still “just friends” and we have only two more episodes to go this season!

Next week… “Evil, Inc”

Reaper airs on the CW, Tuesdays @ 8:00p



One Response to “Reaper – To Sprong, With Love”

  1. Tyler told End Of Show: “I don’t know what the CW was expecting taking a show off the air for ten months and then placing it against “idol” with no promotion but they were “disappointed” with our ratings to say the least. We drooped [sic] into obscurity.”

    If that’s what they told Tyler, then how on Earth is the CW taken seriously by the industry? Reaper’s live numbers have been beating 90210 almost since the show came back, and Privileged’s numbers are even worse. Yet Privileged is considered by the CW to be successful enough for a midseason pickup, yet Reaper’s considered a disappointment?

    I’ll wait for the CW upfronts next week on May 21st. Personally, I’m hoping for a summer pickup, which would probably let Tyler do both shows. Reaper fans: Remember, last year Reaper was declared dead too, but came back at the last minute to get a renewal. If anyone wants to still help, snail and email addresses, petitions, etc., are organized here:

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