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Fringe – There’s more than one of everything…

beyondfringe2Tonight was the season finale of FOX’s new hit series – Fringe.  For all of you that don’t know yet, Fringe WILL be back next season (but I don’t know how you missed that with the trailer after tonights episode.)

Tonight we learned  that there are, in fact, other dimensions of this world out there.  Yes, it is the same world but a different version of it.  What does that mean?  Let’s take a few steps back.

First, Nina was found in the elevator of her apartment building, shot and robbed by none other than David Robert Jones.  You may remember Jones with his connection to the ZFT, William Bell and his obsession with Olivia – and let’s not forget him teleporting out of prison in Germany all the way back here, only to get caught. (And then slowly die, seeing that its not natural to teleport anywhere.)

Jones needed an energy cell that was implanted in Nina’s bionic arm  – this energy cell enabled him to open a porthole between the two dimensions.  (Seems Mr. Jones had a “daddy complex” with Bell, and Bell wasn’t returning his phone calls.)  But Jones couldn’t get it right – three tries it took him to finally open a porthole to the other side, only to be chopped in half by Peter who had a device his father, Walter, made that was designed to close those types of portholes. (Seems Walter isn’t as irresponsible as we previous thought.)

So why does Walter Bishop have this device?  Why does he have or is in some way linked to ALL of these events and devices?  Well, there is his work with Bell.  Seeing that William Bell pretty much IS the world (in this dimension and the next) his technology is everywhere – but that’s not why Raiden Lake was the first “soft spot” opened all those years ago.  His connection to Bell probably helped him open that soft spot and upon opening that soft spot he created a device in order to not let others do that – see, Walter’s reason were of great import… 

So where are we?

David Robert Jones is dead.

Olivia is in the Twin Towers in another dimension talking to William Bell (the great Leonard Nimoy)

And Walter left Peter and Astrid a note saying he was going out for a while.  What they don’t know is that he is visiting Peter’s grave.  Seems his son died at 7 – and Walter – he went to the next world to get him back.

Fringe airs on FOX and will be back this fall!  Use the next few months to get all caught up! The complete first season is due out on DVD and Blu-Ray later this year.  You can pre-order on

Now go see J.J. Abrams “Star Trek” for the love of god…


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