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Harper’s Island – THWACK!

harpers_island-showAnother sound effect… I guess that’s what it would sound like when a hatched dropped from the ceiling and into your head…


No ones getting married on this pretty little island we like to call  Harper’s… I don’t care what you think.  How can they?  Most of the bridal party is dead or missing – including the priest that was left as chum for the local sea life, one of the groomsmen that should have never held a gun, the father of the bride…

Is everyone just picking everyone else off or is Wakefield really back?  Any more I’m not even sure the Sheriff believes that Wakefield is dead and HE’S the one that shot him!

On a side note – if you haven’t checked out yet, you really should!  It’s a lot of fun!

And then tune in (or DVR) the next episode (which will be back in 2 weeks)  Damn I hate when they make me wait!

Harper’s Island airs on CBS, Saturdays at  9:00pm 


2 Responses to “Harper’s Island – THWACK!”

  1. just watched the latest episode…..
    cant wait for ep 6 this show has me hooked
    great story with likeable and un likeable people

    best line so far has to be from C.J. Thomason aka jimmy saying is it because ive got crabs… in episode 4 in the bar………

    • I have to agree! This show is turning out to be a real gem and I find that each Saturday I get really excited when I realize that @ 9 I can watch more people die! (But I LOVE horror movies – Harper’s Island is a nice little fix every week)

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