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Dollhouse… Omega

dollhouse_promo_posterAfter all this time I would like to say I still feel that Dollhouse should be renamed to “The Eliza Dushku – look at me I’m Awesome – Hour”  Yes, that IS a long title…

When Wendy/Caroline [Ashley Johnson, whom you may remember as Chrissy Seaver from Growing Pains] said it, “I’m a bad ass!” it just confirmed the name change of this Friday night FOX show.

Next week is some “Epilogue” episode, I’m not sure what that means – but in advance, here’s a recap.

Caroline, a young, hot and idealistic college student, one day decided to listen to her professor (not sure who that is – it may have been mentioned “Echos” and I missed it)  AND little miss “20-something” decided to FREE THE ANIMALS locked up in the college lab.  The problem for Miss Caroline is that her college is pretty much owned by Rossum Corporation and what else does Rossum Corporation own?  The Dollhouse.  So when everything goes wrong – and her boyfriend is shot and killed – and they need someone to blame… CAROLINE!

She is given a choice.  Go to jail forever and ever for being an overly, stereotypical, idealistic college student OR give up 5 years of your life to Rossum Corporation and become a “doll.”

Seeing that Caroline is just too pretty for prison – she realizes she’s pretty enough to become a doll!  Upon joining the “dolls” in the L.A. underground location Caroline – now Echo – grabs the interest of the first ever doll – Alpha.  Alpha, who was on the verge of becoming a serial killer before having his brain wiped clean, immediately grows attached to young Echo and decides that she should be the “Number One Doll” but the only problem is that Dr. Saunders – well, who WE know as Dr. Saunders – USED to be the Number One Doll.  And after Alpha cut her, with bonsai tree sheers, she was of no more use, so they imprinted her with Dr. Saunders’ personality. (Who used to be a man.)

Meanwhile – there is this impetuous FBI agent who is after the Dollhouse.  Upon seeing the image of Caroline he, just like the rest of the world, falls in love with her.  Because, there is always a girl to save.  He nearly loses his career as he scours the city in the attempt to find this elusive company that pimps out helpless men and women – prostituting them to the rich of the rich and the sick of the sick.

Through his journey he is always one step behind the Dollhouse, that is until someone inside the dollhouse puts messages in the imprints of the Dolls to let Paul Ballard know that he is right!  The Dollhouse DOES exist!

These dolls include his neighbor Millie (who he was sleeping with in order to push Caroline out of his head) Caroline, who kicks his butt one night and later Victor, a man Agent Ballard thought was just an informant.  Boy was HE wrong!  

So it is true.  All of L.A. are just mindless dolls.

Last night everything came to a head.  Alpha, who of course is a genius, tricked Paul Ballard into bringing him INTO the dollhouse.  Alpha wants one thing Echo and he wants to fill her head with ALL of her imprints making her BEYOND HUMAN!!  Just.  Like.  Him!

Everything goes wrong when Alpha starts calling Echo Omega and tell Caroline/Echo/Omega to kill herself – so then she can be freeeee!  She won’t do it – so Alpha kills Wendy the waitress who is imprinted with Caroline’s personality.  

There’s a chase scene – Ballard and Boyd save Caroline.  (Not that she needed them too – she is such a bad ass) and then Ballard starts working for the Dollhouse under one condition.  Free the girl.

Which turns out to be Millie.

SO!  In closing.  Alpha is either dead or in the “attic.”  Paul Ballard now works for the dollhouse – if you can’t beat ’em!  Join ’em!  Echo is back in her cage, whispering “Caroline” as the frosted bed cover closes.  Millie is free…?

And next Friday is the epilogue for the show.  

Maybe they should have just called it the “Eulogy.”  If Dollhouse comes back, I’ll be surprised.


4 Responses to “Dollhouse… Omega”

  1. Ypu are being overly negative, while the ending might have been a bit spotty it was by no means bad according to me.

    • I hope that there are more of you out there than me, that way Dollhouse will come back. Right now most episodes seem rather superfluous in my opinion, but hey – maybe they’re just setting things up for next season.

  2. Yikes, did you miss out on quite a bit. Let’s see, DeWitt stated point blank that Alpha is still out there which is why Paul is now working for the Dollhouse. His price was freeing Mellie because while he was pursuing Caroline he fell in love with Mellie.

    Then there’s the question of who inside the Dollhouse was sending messages via Mellie & Echo to Paul. It wasn’t Lawrence because he was in the attic when the third message was sent to Paul.

    Also we have a huge question in the form of Topher & Whiskey/Dr. Saunders. She knows she’s a doll. She knows she was programmed to hate Topher. She didn’t open her file to see who she was. Which means we, as the audience, also don’t know who she was and it was pretty clear she is important to Topher. The fact that she programmer her to hate him suggests some guilt on his part for what happened to her.

    So, yeah, your conclusions are way off base there.

    • Golly Gee! I didn’t miss out on anything Mr d’Miyu. I make it a point not to reveal every little detail about shows that I watch on here because I want OTHER people to WATCH the show. That’s the point of this blog, to encourage people to watch T.V. shows – sadly sometimes I just don’t like certain shows.

      Thank you for pointing out everything that I missed. Now – what you seemed to miss is the underlining fact that I do not like Dollhouse. I think that it’s a poor mans La Femme Nikita (and La Femme Nikita wasn’t rich in the first place) also I feel that is rips of about 1,000 other shows that where out there circa 1997. (USA Network) Even the opening sequence is an anime opening credits – like from Witch Hunter Robin or any other early 2000 Japanese import.

      As for the things I missed:
      -Paul is working for the Dollhouse because he has some sort of sense of responsibility with Echo. Yes, in conjunction with Alpha “being on the loose” he is there because he knows he can’t release Echo back into the wild and the only way to keep the small little woman safe is if the big strong man is right by her side.

      -Topher’s guilt stems from the fact that Alpha was the “first” doll and he couldn’t control him. He made Whiskey/Dr. Saunders hate him because he was the one in charge of creating what Alpha was to think or not to think. Yes, she found out – because now he can be the martyr he has always wanted to be. Topher, the poor man’s Xander. Except he’s smarter! But he’s just as guilty as Xander was.

      -And who is sending out the messages for help? Could it be Boyd? Hell, maybe it’s DeWitt, she seemed a bit disgruntled!? Who knows? But the question is really simple! Who cares?! I know I don’t.

      Yes, maybe I missed a turn or two – or didn’t supply enough information but at the end of the day – if you’ve read all of my Dollhouse Blogs, you will have come to the conclusion that I don’t like Dollhouse. I think that the show is just a platform for Eliza Dushku to kick things with her boobs nearly hanging out.

      No – that doesn’t make me a “jealous woman” – I love both Tricia Helfer and Grace Park – both of BSG fame, both who have used their naked form while acting, both who are very attractive women – the difference? They can act.

      I’m happy that you are now one of two people out there that liked Dollhouse. For your sake I hope that it comes back. Even if it does, which I doubt it will because the rating sucked so bad, I won’t be watching.

      Thank you for your insight and for reading!

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