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Shake your groove thang! The Office


Michael still has a lease on the old Michael Scott Paper Company office. (Yes, that closet between the bathrooms…) And he decided to make it a Cafe Disco (not to be confused with a Disco Cafe) but no one wanted to take part.

Is work THAT much fun that you can’t eat lunch or even drink a cup of espresso and dance with your boss?  Well, it shouldn’t be.

Pam and Jim almost eloped in sunny Youngstown, Ohio – but decided they wanted the wedding at the last minute. Phyllis fear her husband my cheat on her with his receptionist, which she admitted to, of all people, Dwight as he treated her like a horse and tended to her sore back, and Kevin… oh Kevin.

Next week is the company picnic!  Something fun ALWAYS happens at the company picnic.  Jim kissed Pam, Phyllis found Angela and Dwight having sex… what possibly could happen next?

The season finale of the Office airs next Thursday @ 9pm on NBC. If you’re a good employee, you’ll tune in – and you’ll call Michael Big Daddy!


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