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Parks and Recreation… The Banquet


Parks and Rec took a turn tonight, in the right direction.  I found myself laughing out loud and THAT made me very happy!

Not like we didn’t know, but Leslie’s mom isn’t the nicest woman and tonight she was honored with and award.  Leslie went to the banquet, naive as ever, attempting to gain her mother’s respect and praise but was greeted with the advice to blackmail another government agent.  Surprisingly, Leslie isn’t good at that.

One of the funniest moments was the “gay pride” misunderstanding when Leslie and Ann arrived together – Leslie all “manned” out and Ann looking like a prom queen – but I have to say Tom Haverford just takes the cake with his obnoxious comments and social behavior.

And lets not forget bacon wrapped shrimp!

Parks and Recreation was given another season on NBC so we can only hope that the creators and writers will take the time to move up and beyond the too familiar “Office” feel of the show.  The potential is there – the cast is great – so keep up the good work guys!

There is only one more episode this short season for Parks and Rec, so tune in next Thursday @ 8:30p!

Right now I’m just wondering… will Mark end up with Leslie… or Ann?


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