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The Scrubs Finale

scrubs-big3Last year Scrubs left NBC.  Well, NBC left Scrubs.

My husband and I were angry.  We love Scrubs!  

So we bunkered down, popped our popcorn, grabbed a few beers and sat on the couch to watch the last episode of one of the funniest TV shows out there.  Then they gave us “My Princess” and we were pissed.

It gave us no closure!  Actually, it was a rather depressing episode!  

For a few days we ranted and raved around the house about how let down we were – and then, like most things, it just slipped our minds.  Time passed and there we were again, sitting out the couch and watching something on ABC and BAM!  Scrubs is back!  It’s on ABC!  


But the excitement rose in our chests as we counted down the days till January 6th when we could finally see everyone again.

And here we are again.  But this time they gave me the closure that I needed. (Even though I’ve heard that Scrubs MAY be back next year even if Zach Braff or Bill Lawernce are not. I suppose that is another topic all together.) 

The truth is I cried.  I did, I’ll admit it.  Seeing the beginning and the future.  Finding out the janitors name (maybe.) Finally hearing what Dr. Perry Cox thinks of Dr. John Dorian.  The hour episode brought it all together and gave us the end of an era and allowed us to WANT to move forward.

Everybody was there, even if only for a second and even if no one said goodbye everyone said a fond “see you soon.”  

Thank you, everyone who was on or worked on Scrubs.  Please – if you DO come back… please don’t ruin this for us… you ended with perfection.

ABC will have the episode up online tomorrow – so if you didn’t get to give your farewell, you still have a chance.

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