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Better Off Ted – Finale


Are you a cat person?  Maybe you love space or just think Green Bay is the best thing since… breathing?  Well, thanks to Veridian Dynamics – you never have to choose!  They’ll let you know – thus ensuring the need for cliques and high school mentality in your 30s!

Better Off Ted began by revealing that the employees had been questioned and in the end it turned out Veronica was just too harsh and Ted… well Ted didn’t do well with the over 50 male crowd. – Yes, because he’s so good looking and jovial!  So both Veronica and Ted set out to fix this situation, by of course making it worse…

And Linda – she got a kitten!  After she suggested letting the employees decorate their cubicles and upper management figured it was a OK if they decided what people were to have up to reflect who they were.  The choices – Cats, Space, Green Bay and Cars.  This worked out fine until Linda attempted to eat lunch with the “space” people and then the cat people really showed their claws!  (sorry about that…)

Tuesdays episode was the Season Finale for Better off Ted and I’m still hoping they get a nice green light in the renewal department and come back to visit us next season!  And if you missed it – it’s on line.  Yes, it was pushed back a week due to President Obama’s address to the people last week – but they have something to say about too!

Oh Veridian Dynamic!  How you say it so well!

Better Off Ted airs on ABC!


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