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My Brother’s Reaper


Are you a Steve-ist?

Reaper opened with everyone on the planet moving in with Sam, Sock and Ben.  First, Nina (which was to be expected, I mean… they DID burn down her warehouse when Ben and Sock attempted to get her out of their lives…) but then stumbles in Morgan.  Poor, broken Morgan.

What can Sam do?  It’s his brother!  Yes, he may be lazy, evil, and have a HUGE ego – but still, blood is blood… right?  But then again, Morgan kinda sucks.  I mean, he eats all your food, erases the “stories” you’ve saved over the last week (One Life to Live) and then hits on your girl!

What a jerk…

So much happened this episode, I really don’t know where to go from here!  Let’s see!  Ken Marion was back as Ted – the ever so lovable baby’s daddy demon.  He introduced the guys to his new religion – The Religion of Steve.  Yes, his fallen lover speaks to him and a number of other demons through his favorite novels and video of him singing karaoke.  (I really do wish that I had Jessie’s Girl.)  This religion helps them become better demons – and because she also wants to be better for Ben, Nina is there passing out goose liver and joining in the festivities.

Sam’s job this week was to actually LURE a soul to be damned.  This would be something new, normally he just finds the escaped souls and sends them back to hell.  Problem is that Sammy is just not good at his new assigned job.  The soul, Gary, won’t sign his name and intends to repent in the 11th hour as to be forgiven by God and make his way into heave.  The devil decides to kill him now to claim his soul so Sam takes Gary to meet the Steve-ists to get him to repent early.

NOW – if you haven’t seen tonight’s episode – SHAME ON YOU!  Go to the CW RIGHT NOW and watch it!  I won’t tell you any more… but I will leave you with this… Nina is RAD.  Morgan is NOT.  Sam has a different DESTINY.  And Steve liked to do a two handed grab to the butt when kissing Tony and I almost forgot the Stripper Clowns…


CLOWNS. And a polar bear.

Oh, and Andi was demoted…  Ted is also a jerk.


Reaper airs on the CW, Tuesdays at 8pm!  



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