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It’s deja vu all over again – Fringe: The Road Not Taken

beyondfringe2FOX really pissed me off this year with the cancellation of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  And then there’s Dollhouse… jury has been out the entire series (pretty darn sure it’s not gonna come back next season.)  Add to that my no so great love for Idol (which needs to STOP bleeding into the beginning of Fringe – thank you very much) and the only thing I feel FOX has going for them right now is this show – Fringe.

Next Tuesday is the season finale of this J.J. Abrams show.  And this week we learn a lot – maybe too much.  Not joking when I tell you I had a lot of notes from this episode to keep things straight!  So let me start at the beginning!

First!  The FBI Agent Broyles gave his stamp of approval on the investigation of William Bell and Massive Dynamic and their connection to the ZFT.  Bringing all the crazy cases that have brought us to this point, together and forming it all into a conspiracy created by Massive Dynamic, William Bell and lets be honest – he may not remember but Walter is part of this too.

Second!  A woman, Susan Pratt, BURSTS into flames!  (no, she wasn’t a monk)

Third!  Harris is back!  (if you don’t remember, Harris is the FBI agent who has it out for Olivia)

Those are the big 3.  Yes, there is more.  Nina (the cyborg from Massive Dynamic that keeps trying to hire Olivia) says that William Bell is being framed, she even shows up on Boyles doorstep in the middle of the night with proof of this.  William Bell is no where to be seen, but Walter figures out that the original ZFT Manifesto was typed in the Lab they are working in, and to prove it he provides the typewriter it was written on.  Walter is falling apart because he knows that he knows something but he can’t remember – and Olivia getting in his face at the end didn’t help it one little bit (nor did the arrival of The Observer, who whisked Walter away at the very end of the episode.)

The theory of this episode is simple.  There are alternate realities and when you have a moment of deja vu its really you, in that other reality, realizing it for a moment.  So when Olivia starts to have “visions” she is just seeing the truth as it may be in another dimension.  But this isn’t the shocker – we already know that Olivia has some sort of “gift.”  What the shocker was… Harris.  He really is a bad guy and not with Bell.

Maybe Bell ISN’T bad?

All I can be sure of is this:

Our children are our greatest resources – William Bell

And that next Tuesday will be one hell of a ride.  Why do I say that?  J.J. Abrams – it’ll be a cliff hanger.

Now.  Please go see Star Trek and remember NEXT TUESDAY IS THE SEASON FINALE!

Fringe airs on FOX, Tuesdays @ 9pm


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