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Pawnee’s Parks and Recreation…


I’m still going back and forth on this show.  One week I think it’s starting to get better and then last Thursday I really was happy I didn’t see it live… I still feel like they’re trying too hard and the jokes weren’t that funny.

My husband and I talk about this show, he’s a big fan of Aziz Ansari (Tom), he is the only thing funny on the show… I don’t think much is funny at all.  This week just showed me again that they reformatted the Office and slapped a new name on it and then threw it on the air.

Yes.  I’ll keep watching, but I’m slipping.

Sorry Parks and Recreation!  I want to love you… but right now I feel like I’m watching Michael Scott – but prettier and blonde…

Parks and Recreation airs on Thursdays @ 8:30pm on NBC. 


One Response to “Pawnee’s Parks and Recreation…”

  1. Totally agree! I really want to like it!

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