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Legend of the Seeker – CURSED!

legend-of-seeker-promo-2This show just gets better with time.

Renewed for another fun filled season with the likes of Richard, Kahlan and Zed – we have 3 more episodes to go before we have to wait till fall to find out what happened next!!

Yesterday we had the joy of watching our favorite Seeker and Confessor kill a monster that was created by a Curse from a witch.  Her monster would keep the Taharins at bay saving her kingdom and the kingdom next to hers.  The only problem is that when there are no bad guys to eat – the monster will eat anyone that sets foot in his path.  Even if that someone is his wife…

Next week Richard will have to beat Darken Rahl to a copy of the Book of Shadows.  If he doesn’t get there on time… defeating him may never happen!

Legend of the Seeker is a syndicated show that airs on the CW and WGN

If you haven’t tuned in yet – you really should!


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