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Kevin’s Famous Chili – The Office


OK – So Kevin’s famous chili didn’t make it past the office floor, but how nice of him was it to make it in the first place?!

With the return of the “Michael Scott Paper Company Team” – Michael, Pam and Ryan came back to Dunder Mifflin last Thursday with a bang!  Let’s just say, no one was really happy to them them there, mostly because they were in charge of the clients they had taken FROM Dunder Mifflin when they were at Michael Scott Paper company.

Now, the best way to deal with this is to insult the new/old people, have a secret meeting and schedule the secret meeting by sending out a secret note written in urine, and if you’re one of the new/old employees – form a click.

This was one of the best episodes of the Office to date!  I love the relationship between Michael and Pam, I LOVE that it was suggested (to Jim) that Michael and Pam had an affair… that made me laugh so hard!  

And let’s not forget how Casual Friday (over all) is just a REALLY bad idea – thank you Meredith! (Don’t fall in love with me! HA!)

There are only two more episode this season, so make sure you’re home the next two Thursdays – so you don’t miss A THING!

The Office airs on Thursdays @ 9:00p on NBC – And before it goes away, you really should check out the Michael Scott Paper Company website, it truly is AMAZING!


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