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Briar Rose – Dollhouse


Briar Rose is the story of Sleeping Beauty.  Disney likes to change the name of old fairy tales when they make them into block buster animated movies.  And just like Sleeping Beauty – at the Dollhouse that’s what you do – you sleep, even when you’re wide awake.

Paul Ballard finally got his dream and he made it inside the Dollhouse.  He found Caroline, fought Boyd, broke Millie’s heart, got to fight on top of Victor and bring Alpha home (Alan Tudyk – whom I love).  Yes, Alpha is back and what does he want?  Echo (isn’t that what we all want?  At least that’s what Dollhouse implies – we want Echo… personally, I do not – but who am I?)

If you don’t know – Dollhouse is NOT doing well.  The numbers keep dropping each week so it looks like these last two episodes may be the last ones ever, and to add to that next weeks “Omega” was supposed to be the finale and the one after that is a filler episode.  Yes, it recaps the whole 12 episodes.  


Dollhouse was number 16 last week on FOXs list of show, it was beat out by Americas Most Wanted, Cops 2, Lie to Me… Right now according to TV by the Numbers, Dollhouse is in danger. (But according to them so is Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which we all know already go the axe… so how can we believe it?) 

Dollhouse airs on FOX, Fridays at 9:00pm.  With only two more to go, if you’ve been watching you may as well see it through!


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