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BANG!!! Harper’s Island

harpers_island-showEvery week is titled by a sound effect.  “BANG!”  “KA-BOOM!” “THWACK!”  And each week someone new loses their life…

As the clues are being left out for all to see and the body count is piling up you have to ask yourself one question… if one of your old friends invites you to a week full of festivities prior to his wedding, would you go?  I wouldn’t. 

Henry and Trish’s bachelor and bachelorette parties happened this week!  And on ended up in finding a dead body (yes – they found Hunter, no that they know it was Hunter.  If you recall Hunter blew his face off.) And then one of their own died… Booth, accidently shot himself in the leg when Cole came to find him to get the money they took from Hunter’s boat.  (Oh, and did you notice that there was only $250,000 on the boat and Hunter insisted on $500,000…?)

As for Trish’s shindig – she nearly died, but only after finding out that her step mom and brother-in-law like to get it on all freaky style in the cellar of the over sized home they live in.  And lets not forget how the “spirits” are talking to her niece AND the psychic that was hired to make things “fun” at the all girl night of fun told Abby to leave because “he” wanted her dead.

Is it Wakefield?  Is it Jimmy?  Next week I’m hoping they finally kill Sully… PLEASE!!

Harper’s Island airs on CBS and has moved to Saturdays at 9pm!  Next week someone gets THWACKED!



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