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30 Rock – The Natural Order

30 Rock

The Battle Between Tracy and Liz!

Actually, let’s begin with Jenna and how she has really lost her mind… she adopted a monkey, little Jenna.  Jack finally stood up to his father, who really wasn’t his father – it was his mother’s new boyfriend – and then to top it off he found out that his father really isn’t his father at all.

On the other hand Liz and Tracy decided that they should receive no special treatment.  So Tracy had to show up on time to work, know his lines and be professional while Liz had the joy of enduring the true “scent” of a man, seeing “mothers and daughters” naked and changing the jug on the water tank!

If you haven’t you should head over to NBC and check out their page.  It’s filled with lots of things to watch, including full episodes and web-special like Kenneth the Web Page.

30 Rock airs on NBC, Thursdays at 9:30p


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