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The Ghost Hunters @ Essex County Hospital


Essex County Hospital

When you see pictures of the place, it’s just plain creepy.  THEN – when you realize that Essex County Hospital housed paitents until 2007… even creepier.  (and lets not forget the estimated 10,000 people that died there too.)

Within MINUTES of their arrival at the Hospital things began to happen.  Whispered voices responding to of handed questions.  Footsteps walking behind the cast and crew in an area that had no entrance or exit.  Every single TAPS member had a chance to bring home their own personal expirence from what Jason called, “The creepiest place” they had ever investigated.

(And let me say that includes the Stanley Hotel, Eastern State Pen., and their trip to New Orleans when they all heard a woman screaming that wasn’t there…)

To give a quick recap – Jason and Grant heard the sound of something being wheeled away and found a cart, but no one pushing it.  On the Thermal Camera they caught a moving figure that shuffled out of sight.  Footsteps were heard as they were recapping what had just happened.  In Building 3 they were answered when they asked a question about a ceramic house they found.  During the NEXT recap they heard noises coming from above, chased them down – but found nothing.

Joe and Britt heard footsteps and saw shadows move by them.  (And it seems the camera man noticed too because his reaction was just as quick as theirs.)   They also caught a male voice that made a “CH” sound as they were discussing where to go next with the cameraman.

Joe and Kris heard lots of sounds when they were in building 5.  Britt used their new head camera and heard footsteps behind him. (granted he did run into Steve and Tango moments later – and the only other moment debunked was when Kris and Amy heard noises in building 3 that turned out to be vertical blinds.)

Steve and Tango, while hanging out in the refrigerator in the facilities morgue, caught a voice on their camera that sounded like, “I’m here.”  The voice was clearly female.  At another point when they were doing an EVP session (and Tango asked if anyone there was crazy) a microphone Steve had set up was moved.  No one saw it, but it wasn’t where Steve had left it.   

But I think the end all evidence that was captured at Essex County (Creepy as Hell) Hospital would be the Floating Camera.  No one in the room and the DVR shakes, lifts up, pauses mid fall and then is set on the ground.

A half hour later one of the camera crew found it.

That was one hell of a mid-season finale!  Oh my favorite TAPS members, I will be patiently waiting for your return.  Please don’t make it too long… 😉


Take a moment to head over the Jason and Grant’s TAPS home where they have schedules on where and when you can meet them – classes that they teach about paranormal investigations and so much more.

I do have to agree with them – Essex County Hospital was the creepiest place they’ve ever been too… so far.

(once the footage of their findings is posted online I’ll set you up with a link!)


31 Responses to “The Ghost Hunters @ Essex County Hospital”

  1. I live 2 miles from this place and have hiked the trails behind it. It is very creepy! They are planning to tear it down and build expensive homes… I wonder what will start happening once that really gets underway. I also went with friends for a late night stroll through another GH investigation site one Halloween night a few years ago called Letchworth Mental Hospital in Rockland, NY. That place is just as spooky…

    • I can only imagine seeing either of those places up close! I’ve gone to the Mansfield Reformatory, its about 70 miles from my house. My husband wanted to go inside, but I was lucky, it was late and closed.
      TAPS investigated there back in ’05. I give credit to all of the members of TAPS because I think I’d be jumping at my shadow at every turn!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Good episode. Just one comment:

    In the scene where the camera was “knocked over”, there was an Orb clearly shown in the picture. You & your investigators didn’t even mention it or the possible significance of Orbs. Can you discuss your thoughts on this?

    • I am not affiliated with the T.A.P.S. members on Ghost Hunters. I am just an avid fan that likes to report on the show each week.

      If you have any specific questions concerning their techniques I would go directly to them on their T.A.P.S. website. Just follow that link there.

      But I will say, in the past 5 years I have watched Ghost Hunters on Sci/fi, one thing is for certain. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson don’t really rely on the manifestation of orbs. They are very easily debunked, meaning the orb you saw very well could have been a piece of dust, a bug or some other random variable. The members of T.A.P.S use more scientific methods to hunt for ghost. I know that there are a lot of people out there that believe in orbs – but sometimes what you see isn’t always what is there.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. I grew up down the street from the essex county sanitorium and spent many days riding my mountain bike around up there and many a night partying with my friends running through the buildings and tunnels. It was the most peaceful and beautiful place I’ve ever known. It was also the most frightening, foreboding, sad place I’ve ever known. It will haunt me for the rest of my life. Best time I had there? Watching July 4 fireworks from the roof. It was so high, you could see all the towns including New York Cities displays all at once from every angle. Then the cops came and we had to run through the tunnels to escape. I was once in the same drawer in the morgue as Tango and Steve – but I was hiding from the cops! Taps did not go into the auditorium or the chapel which are two places that set a fear so deep in me, I could never begin to find the words to explain the feeling correctly. The buildings are all gone now and UGLY trophy homes have been built. It makes me sick. We can be sure that TAPS will be getting calls from the people who live there now because amongst the granite countertops and expensive swing sets stand the army of lost souls whose home was ripped away. They probably aren’t in the best of “spirits” now!

    • Those are some amazing stories! I have to say, I was sad to hear that they were building luxury homes on the site. Both my husband and I commented on how a park (which they mentioned in the show) would be creepy – but the homes make it very much the setting of poltergeist.
      10,000 is a large number of people who died on that land and I have to agree with you, I think TAPS will be getting calls within a few months of them breaking ground.

      If you have any pictures of Essex County Hospital I’d love to post them!
      Thanks for reading!

    • YEAH! My mom is right! THEY R “GOD AWFUL” like my grammie says

  4. Who would I contact to get permission to be inside? I have been to Letchworth and Eastern State. I am a photographer and really want to feel what everyone else has felt.

    • Honestly, I’m not even sure Essex County Hospital is still standing, but I would contact the Essex County Sheriff’s Department.

      Last I knew they were watching the grounds very carefully to make sure no one was trespassing on the grounds, so if they can’t help you directly they could probably set you in the right direction.

      Good luck! Let me know how it goes!!

    • Sorry, but it’s too late. The buildings have been demolished. Homes have already been built and they are actively still cleaning up debris left behind by the demolotion for the new park. The clean up committee found some weird items in the woods left behind like rusted bed frames, a stove, patient files etc …

      • Thanks for the link and the update Kim!
        It’s kind creepy that they found all of that just out there…

  5. I drove past the site two weeks ago and most the buildings were still standing. Are they ALL gone now??

  6. That has always been a ‘shortcut’ through the Hospital Center road ever since I was a kid. My daughter and I drive through there at night (we live only about a mile from the area) and we always talk about what ‘activity’ might be going on inside those walls.

    Going back in the late 50’s my Father said he had to admit his own Father there, which he said distressed him to no end, but there weren’t many options for nursing facilities then either.

    My children and I watched that episode the other night and talked extensively about when we might hear about possible activity ala ‘Poltergeist’ (as someone mentioned before) and are glad we don’t live there. My husband fell asleep lol but the three of us were intrigued with this since it’s so close to home.

    Weird NJ also stated not to try and investigate the buildings because cops will arrest if you go inside the premesis.

    It was a fun and scary show! Love those guys!

    • I can’t even begin to imagine having to admit a family member to a place like Essex County Hospital, I also can’t fathom growing up close enough to it that I’d walk by every day.

      There is such a unique history about that place I hope that stories like these help the place live on. The people that lived and worked there went through so much, it seems shameful to have them replaced by cookie cutter homes.

      Thank you for your story and the coyote advice! I really don’t recommend anyone going to a construction site for any reason. It’s not a safe place.

      If you do still feel compelled to visit the Essex County Hospital property, please contact the Essex County Sheriff department first! And remember if they tell you no – they’re doing their job and telling you no to protect you!

      I love the Ghost Hunters and can’t wait for Ghost Hunters International to start up on July 19th!

  7. Can’t remember which buildings we saw but I think some are from the interior and you can’t see them from the road. Not sure if it was building 5 or 11 that you can see when you go down the snakey road from Fairview Ave. towards Grove Ave. If you go from that direction, it is on your right hand side. I wouldn’t walk there at night though, as someone suggested they did, because there are coyotes around and there has been a relatively recent complaint from Fairview Ave. that coyotes attacked a domestic animal who was outside.

  8. Does anyone else who lived in the area remember “Greystone” in Morristown? Similar kind of institution. I wonder about what went/goes on there!?

    • I don’t know much about Greystone, I did find a YouTube clip on it when I was looking for things about Overbrook. I’ll see what I can find.

      For now – I have this clip (for you and for all those who wonder what Greystone is/was)

  9. Well, I’m too old to go to jail and eat bologna sandwiches (who knows if it’s the kind I like anyway).

    Unfortunately, with these cookie cutter homes and excessive building, it’s bringing all these animals out into the neighborhoods. We’ve seen a family of five deear walking up the middle of the street and others have seen them in their yards. We tend to be closer to the Pilgrim Shopping area, which you know is Pompton Ave. I feel sorry for these animals, truly I do, but they also carry diseases that are detrimental to humans which is another story. The price we pay for progress is not always such a good price when it affects those living creatures around us.

  10. @ Aryn

    At the time that my Father had to admit my Grandfather, he probably had Alzheimers or strokes, based on his behavior that was told to me. There weren’t any other places for people to go at that time. My Grandfather had only lived about 3 weeks after being admitted there. My Father always felt guilty for having to put him in there, and said if he knew he was only going to live that short a period of time, he would have kept him home.

    Times are different, thankfully, and people with such diseases are treated in a more humane and compassionate manner.

    • Change can be a wonderful thing. I’m sad to see historical buildings be torn down – or to see the disregard for the patients that were at Overbrook (meaning the files that were found in the woods) but I’m happy to see how far along we’ve come and that the nursing and assisted living homes that are around today are designed to take much better care of their patients.

  11. Thanks for the Greystone link… I saw alot of ORBS!!! I read your comment about Orbs and can’t completely disagree with you, but I still can’t help but wonder… Greystone was another SCARY place. TAPS might want to check this place out. Just driving past the place was strangely compelling.

    • You should contact T.A.P.S. about Greystone! Also, Weird New Jersey has a lot of cool stories about Greystone and other New Jersey hot spots.

      When I visited Mansfield Reformatory I saw some weird stuff but didn’t have a camera to document it. I can’t say I’m not curious by orbs, but photos are so easy to manipulate and when you’re in a large building that’s abandoned dust is always an issues. So I totally understand the reason T.A.P.S. uses other methods to prove or disprove hauntings.

      Their website is pretty amazing – there is a lot of information about them and their investigation techniques. You should check it out and drop them a line about Greystone!

  12. Drove through the shortcut off of Fairfiew Avenue today. The building closest to Fairview is Building #5 where some of the activity was going on. Also Building #11 is directly in back of #12 and you can see it from the ‘snakey road’. There weren’t any cops around but I was too chicken to walk up there myself today.

    @ Glen

    Greystone was a place where they put the most violent psychiatric cases as I recall. Almost forgot about that place.

    We (my daughter and I) go to Immaculate Conception Cemetary sometimes in hopes of seeing something going on. My father’s brother is buried there and he died during the influenza epidemic in 1921 or somewhere around there. Whenever I get a ‘reading’ done, his name always pops up.

    My daughter is trying to convince me to go there after dark. Told her my P.F. Flyers don’t run as fast as they used to.

  13. The Cedar Grove Buildings are mostly intact, except for the ‘Luxury Homes’ directly across from Verona Pool. Some of the buildings are clearly condemned but others are not obviously so.

    Sorry I post so much, this close to home ghost story fascinates me.

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  16. When I was a very small child, I went to Overbrook to visit my grandma. She had very serious mental illness but no one ever gave me the details about what was wrong with her. I suspect, but was never able to confirm, she was either psychotic, schizoprenic or manic depressive. I know that at times she was catatonic and sometimes she would go crazy and tear up the house. Once she tore up my room. I wish that I could at least know what type of patient would have to be admitted to Overbrook so I could have a real clue as to what was wrong with her. It makes me sad to think that she may have stayed in a terrible place. She did not speak English very well so I can imagine this made it even more difficult in this situation. I know she had electroshock therapy and has been on very strong meds for most of her life. When I went to Overbrook to visit her it was in the early 70’s.

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  18. I live in Colchester,England and visit the Essex County Hospital can assure you its haunted, i have sat in cubicles and felt as if being watched on.Another location i would like to see investigated is the old Harbour and Granary at the Hythe in Colchester.My family have just moved out of the old Granary flats and many residents have reported paranormal activity including doors slamming,heavy breathing and dark shadows.I have been told that the old Swan Inn near the property used to be a police station/court house where it is said that many people have been hanged.My 12 year old daughter also had some quite frightening experiences there too with objects moving on their own.The property i lived in seems to be the hub of activity there,please could you at least investigate the history of the Hythe in Colchester,Essex ,England xxx

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