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42 – The Unusuals


The number 42 is a rather auspicious number, and it has been following Banks around since he was a child – and then, right after his friend was shot – 42 EVERYWHERE! 

Tonight’s installment of The Unusuals brought us to terms with Frank and Nathan.  Sometimes, just because they’re an old friend – doesn’t mean they’re a good friend.

Frank Lutz, after blackmailing his hold buddy Nathan/Cole into helping rob a camera store, went after Walsh but ended up shooting Beaumont.  And it is on.  Walsh figures everything out – so does Casey – and then they have a prediciment… what do you do with Cole?  Well, Cole figured that out on his own.  He had decided to turn himself in and to take Lutz with him, which Lutz was not having – but it ended as well as it could.

Beaumont recovering in the hospital.  Alvarez, still not getting the whole “group” thing.  Cole on the verge of marriage.  Casey setting ground rules for her and her new beau Davis.  Walsh, finally, visiting Beaumont at the hospital.  Banks nearly beating off fate, and Frank Lutz dead.

Yes – Banks though he had cheated his destiny when he met a psychic – but no one can cheat their own destiny now can they?

The Unusuals has moved to Wednesdays on ABC @ 10 pm.  Next week – The Circle Line – and if you’re behind – <- all the episodes you may have missed!


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