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No Reaper Left Behind


How funny can this show get?  David Lee Roth would have been proud of Sam Oliver last night when he tried to take his teacher to bed to gather secrets about the devil.

With Alan out of the picture (the Vegas trick worked.) Sam is running out of options, how ever will he best the devil, break his contract and get back with Andi?

In the mean time, Sock helped Ben keep Nina away, telling him (Ben) to just “ignore her.”  Good advice when you’re ex-girlfriend isn’t an over sized demon that’s trying to drop ratchet sets on your head and pull out the windshield glass of your moving car.  She later even crept into Socks’ “Safe Place” (sleep) and after a failed attempted at seducing him – stuck her hand through his chest and pulled out his heart.

“12 hours at night, 5 hours during the day.”

And lets not forget the growing feud between Ted and the new guy.  I guess Ted keeps getting up in his “grill.”

Now, the teacher thing didn’t work out for Sam – mostly because Sally is the Devils on again – off again lover.  So Sam is still holding the first point of knowledge – “challenge the devil.”

But right now he does have someone on his side – John Oliver – the very reason the Devil own’s Sam’s soul.  Mr. Oliver is in hell helping Sam to get out of the contract.

And next week?  A Devil, who’s a stripper, who’s a clown, who’s a bear!

Reaper airs Tuesdays on the CW @ 8pm.


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