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Fringe @ Midnight


How far would you go for someone you loved?

Maybe a chewed out spine reminds Walter of shrimp cocktail, or maybe it was the cookies, you know – the shortbread with raspberry and lemon curd – but either way, we moved one step closer to the ZFT last night. 

The ZFT (“Zerstorung durch Fortschritte der Technologie” or “Destruction by Advancement of Technology” in English) reemerged last night when a monster woman who really was the wife of a ZFT Scientist, Dr. Boone, who had tried to leave ZFT when he realized what they were doing with the vials of weirdness he was creating.  The ZFT promptly kidnapped his wife and infected her with an ancient strain of syphilis that requires her to drink spinal fluid.

If the Olivia and the FBI help Dr. Boone find and cure his wife, in exchange he’ll tell them everything he knows about the ZFT.

On a side note – Rachel’s husband is suing for divorce and sole custody of their daughter.  

Fro a little behind the scenes look at Fringe – G4’s Attack of the Show went on set and talked to part of the cast.   You can watch it here.

Fringe airs on FOX, Tuesdas @ 9pm.  Only two more episodes this season!

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