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It’s been a week since the release of the prequel of BSG.  In that week I’ve heard about how its NOT like Battlestar Galactica.  BSG was in space – Caprica, well, it’s on Caprica.  

So I didn’t expect large space battles.  I didn’t wait for fraking adventure around every corner.  I wasn’t let down by the lack of FTL drives and raptor fights.

I also didn’t expect a recap of every Vampire movie in the late 90’s.  I felt the “hologram zone” that is the next level of myspace and facebook was nothing more than an overly glorified vampire club and kept waiting for Blade to walk through the door and shoot of a quick one liner. “I promise you, you’ll be dead by dawn.”

And you know what?  If you’re THAT advanced in the land of technology, maybe the cell phones should be more complex – just an ear piece?  Oh, and the corners of the books and posters, pictures, etc.  It was only 58 years, keep the consistency of the cut off edges. 

On top of that then I didn’t expect the preachy lesson I got to learn about technology.  I suppose I should have.  I mean the Cylons DID destroy Caprica, but it was so thick. 

What I would have like would have been a better link between Caprica and Battlestar Galactica.  Something more than the moody Adama family – more than the over saturated color on Caprica.  Maybe Zoe could have been one of the final five?  Something, anything – but something more than a sci/fi version of the Friday night news.  It was nice to see that the nice people on Caprica are just as human as ever. 

Oh those Taurons that look a lot like the Taliban…  

It wasn’t the worse thing I’ve seen in the past year or so, but I just had hoped for more.  I was fine without all the pyrotechnics of BSG – but frak me – this one true god thing seems like such a downer.  It was no Battlestar Galactica mini-series thats for sure.  The wait for Caprica to premier on SciFi won’t hurt at all.  

If you haven’t run out and bought it already, I’d just rent it.  

  Eric Stoltz Daniel Graystone 
  Esai Morales Joseph Adama 
  Paula Malcomson Amanda Graystone 
  Alessandra Toreson Zoe Graystone 
  Magda Apanowicz Lacy Rand 
  Avan Jogia Ben Stark 
  Polly Walker Sister Clarice Willow
  Sasha Roiz Sam Adama

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