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Counting down to Essex County Mental Hospital AND our favorite Ghost Hunters! ~updated~



(it has been removed)

Everyone is a buzz over this mid-season final of the Ghost Hunters on SciFi.  Essex County Mental Hospital can only be compared to “DUDE RUN!” Eastern State Penitentiary

Yes, the TAPS crews has been some some creepy haunts since ESP – but let me tell you, looking at these photos of Essex County Mental Hospital just makes me squirm a little!




And then there are all the clips about the place – seeing that it’s claimed as ‘haunted’ tons of people have gone or tried to go there…

Rumor is that right after TAPS investigated the building it was torn down – and can you blame them?  

Any run down building can be scary all on it’s own, but with the local Sheriff’s department releases this statement:

ATTENTION: The following is a Public Service Announcement. The Essex County Sheriff’s Office has asked us post the following warning to our readers: “Please be advised that the Essex County Sheriff’s Office will continue to conduct plainclothes surveillance operations at the county’s old hospital center in Cedar Grove. Please take particular note that persons found on hospital center grounds will be arrested and prosecuted. We ask that Weird NJ prominently post message to all website patrons. Thank you, Kevin Lynch, Public Information Officer, Essex County Sheriff’s Office.”

Well, that just adds to it.  And then you start reading the stories about the place...


In 1896, a large portion of land was purchased by the City of Newark, New Jersey; the land was bought to build a new mental institution, known as Overbrook. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, many buildings were built that housed mental patients and other facilities, such as a power house, laundromat, and theater. In the winter of 1917, the hospital suffered a major catastrophe. The New York Times reported on the failure of the hospital’s boilers and for weeks patients went without heat. Within 20 days, 24 people had died within the hospital’s walls, some freezing to death in their beds. In the same time frame, 32 cases of frostbite were reported.

Dangerous overcrowding of mental institutions like this one were commonplace during the Great Depression when thousands of Americans were destitute, homeless, hungry and desperate for a roof over their heads, but state budget cuts issued at the time and subsequent World War II food ration cuts led to dismal living conditions and near starvation diets. The post World War II years brought more patients, when many veterans returned from overseas with problems such as shell shock, and post traumatic stress disorder, Hospital staff simply could not care for so many people, and the overall population suffered. Attempts at escape, violence among the residents, suicide, starvation, and frequent patient abuse and neglect by the overworked staff, have left a permanent mark on this facility. Many patients who where admitted were subjected to somewhat barbaric treatments, such as electroconvulsive therapyhydrotherapydiathermy and prefrontal lobotomy. It has been stated by local historians that well over 10,000 deaths occurred at the Essex County Hospital Center.

During the 1960s and 1970s, new medicines were invented to help mental patients and the hospital’s population decreased drastically. By the 1990s, the hospital had a very small population. There was no need for such a large facility anymore. In 2007, Essex County finally closed the hospital and decided to convert the grounds into a 90-acre (360,000 m2) county park instead of the originally planned construction of houses. Several buildings at the southern end of the site were demolished in late 2008. (brought to you by

I’m excited and even a bit scared!  I’m not a fan of mid-seasons finales (mostly because I miss my TV shows) but this one will be one to remember!!

So make sure your calendar is clear, your kids are in bed and you have your bowl of popcorn popped – because this Wednesday at 9pm on SciFi and SciFi-HD our favorite members of TAPS will be getting ready to scare the beejeezus out of us! 



8 Responses to “Counting down to Essex County Mental Hospital AND our favorite Ghost Hunters! ~updated~”

  1. yeah that second video is greystone, not essex county hospital center.

  2. da best. Keep it going! Thank you

  3. […] County Mental Hospital once went by the name of Overbrook. http://paranormalstories.blogspot.comCounting down to Essex County Mental Hospital AND our favorite …Essex County Mental Hospital can only be compared to “DUDE RUN! place – seeing that it's […]

  4. Hey! I’m glad you like my over brook video (I did the second one) =^.^=

  5. hello,
    I am looking to do a book on the Hospital if anyone has any ghost stories they would like to share PLEASE email them to me

  6. that picture that says “view of insane asylum overbrook nj” is not the essex county hospital

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