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Party Down – Taylor Stiltskin Sweet Sixteen Party


Just when you think that Roman DeBeers can’t get any weirder or creepier – he attempts to date a 15 year old!  GO ROMAN!

Last nights adventure with the Party Down team took us to Taylor Stiltskin’s Sweet Sixteen Party.  It was on the Queen Mary and her father Mr. Hollywood himself (J.K. Simmons) put the whole f#$%#@#g thing together and they had better f#$%#@#g get it right and his bratty, spoiled daughter had better get her f#$%#@#g butt out of the state room and come to her own party that…

NO ONE CAME TOO!  Well, no one but the dorks… the losers… the people who aren’t… POPULAR!

Beside J.K. Simmons, Joey Lauren Adams, Fatso-Fasano and Breckin Meyer all guest stared this episode – adding to the humor that IS Party Down. 

So the recap!  Breckin Meyer used to go to school with Henry and is at the Taylor’s party because he is in her dad’s next picture – playing the vampire slaying Edgar Allen Poe.  He attempts to get Henry a job as a young “Abe Linclon” but it all fall apart when Mr. Stiltskin sees his trophy wife attempting to get it on with Kyle – but fails because he’s teeth hurt too much from recently being bleached.  Mrs. Stiltskin decides he’s gay and that’s what the problem was!

Ron, accidentally, get really, REALLY high when he’s bring food to the rapers who are waiting to preform at the party – but they never do.  

Constance tells Taylor she should hold out for her popular friends because being popular is hard!  While Casey attempts to get Taylor to realize that the people there ARE her real friends.

In the mean time, Mr. Cussing more than he breathes Stiltskin calls in some favors to get the “cool kids” and they do arrive, just after Casey gets Taylor to enjoy her party.  And what do you think the spoiled 16 year old girl did – yeah, she left with the cool kids.

Party Down airs on Starz on Fridays at 10:30!  Next week Brandix Corporate Retreat!  Anyone want to invest in a franchise?


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