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Do you know the Dollhouse?

6a00e553adf4d58834010535defd98970c-800wi1With Dollhouse on the chopping block, these next few episodes mean a lot.  BUT at the same time it makes you wonder, is it like your senior year of high school?  Meaning, are the votes already in but we just haven’t seen the tally yet.

I have to say, Friday’s Dollhouse was good.  The writing was MUCH better and maybe it was the writing crew (on of which was Jed Wheadon – Joss’ younger brother) or maybe it was the fact that the whole episode wasn’t about watching Dushku having sex or being “sexy.”  Either way – I liked it.

Adelle placed the mind of one of her recently passed friends into the mind of Echo.  Echo was now Margaret, the desceased and a person Margaret made up named “Julia.”  And the episode led to one question you need to ask yourself, is knowing really worth it?

In the end all ended as well as it could – especially when the person who killed you was your son – that’s gotta sting.  I do have to say when I saw Gregg Henry walk into screen I just assumed it was him.  He has the tendency of playing a… jerk if you will.  But he wasn’t!  YIPPIEE!  But Jordan Bridges took the “evil doer” cake.

The two side stories show Topher make himself a friend for a day – our lovely Sierra became nerd extraordinaire as she played laser tag and video games with the resident geek.  And as for Millie and Mr. Ballard!  Well, sleeping with a spy never looked so dangerous!  Also, Agent Ballard no has one of his colleagues on his side!

Dollhouse be ware!  He’s coming for you!!!  And according to the previews for next week – he’s gonna find you!

Dollhouse airs on FOX Fridays at 9p.  Only 3 more episodes to go!


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