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Harper’s Island – Ka-Blam


This is my new favorite show – and on CBS!  Who would’ve thunk it?!

In case you don’t already know – Harper’s Island is the dream of every horror movie lover out there.  Each week we get to watch a mini- horror movie as we move one step closer to finding just who’s doing all the killing.  Is it John Wakefield?  (The serial killer from 7 years ago that was supposedly shot and killed by Sheriff Charlie Mills.) Is it someone new, a copy cat killer?  And who’s gonna survive?

When I watch a formulaic horror movie I can normally just wait the whole fifteen minutes and pick out my suspects, even the ones the “music” doesn’t want me to look at – but as for Harper’s Island – WHO KNOWS!  There are so many people and so many motives… right now we know one thing – it wasn’t Shane.  He wouldn’t have killed Kelly, he still loved her.  So who?!

Maybe it’s not a serial thing.  Maybe its just utter mayham!  

Tonight Hunter died (big loss – I’m very broke up over the live version of Gaston from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast taking one in the chest… suuure I am…), so there was only ONE death, but we learned more about Kelly’s death.  

Her eyeballs were red.  Dyed red with ink.  The red eyes led Sheriff Mills to find a gold teddy bear statue with red eyes, underneath it was a wooden box and inside – a newspaper article, 7 years old, and a taut that the killer wanted him (Mills) to find him.


If you haven’t seen it you can get caught up online! Harper’s Island airs on Thursdays at 10 pm – CBS! (the only show I watch on CBS)

And did I mention it has ALL the classic horror movies plot points we love?  Sex, drinking and murder!  I really need to track down Ari Schlossberg and shake his hand.

Thank you for Harper’s Island.

Next week… Sully?  It’s really only a matter of time…


4 Responses to “Harper’s Island – Ka-Blam”

  1. Honestly, I try to stay up for this show but it’s way past my bedtime. It is spooky and that little girl voice…one my one..creeps me out lol!

    One of the joys of (trying to stay awake) watching it is Richard Burgi who is from my hometown of Montclair, NJ. He was a few years behind me in high school and is still as handsome as ever. He’s been to a relatively recent reunion (last year, I believe) and heard he was down to earth as always. Love hearing that stuff!

  2. *one by one* am at work and trying to type before I get caught lol

    • LOL! I sneak on here at work too!

      Harper’s Island has been moved to Saturdays at 9pm, so maybe now you can watch it!! (I’m also spoiled because I have a DVR – so I can have my TV and a nap too!)

  3. I was watching it last night! It was getting me aggravated when that guy who wanted (and took)the money just stepped in the boat and shot a hole in the boat. It was making me nuts lol. This is a fun watch for sure. It has to be someone that we’re getting used to seeing do this stuff. Don’t know anyone’s character name LOL, but enjoy all the suspense.

    *P.S. I can pretty much hang out online at work,(he doesn’t mind ) just don’t want to be TOO OBVIOUS* LOL

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