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Parks and Recreation – The Reporter

parksandrecreation-1-800x6002What happens when you don’t stay on message and you need someone from your sub-committee sleep with the reporter interviewing you?  Or when the intern beats your boss at scrabble after you’ve spent a month pretending you can’t spell?  How about when you find out the two people – the very reason you decided to build a park to cover up an abandoned pit – are on birth control and were drunk when they fell in the pit?

You work for the government in Pawnee, Indiana!

Parks and Recreation took a healthy step forward last night.  Yes, its still obvious that it was created and written by the very same people who bring up the Office, and yes, you can still look at the characters and say, “He’s the ‘Jim’ and she’s the ‘Pam.'”  But still, last nights episode was actually funny in it’s own right. 

I’m starting to feel that Leslie really is more naive than Michael Scott – so I’m going to go for round four next week.

Parks and Recreation airs Thursdays on NBC @ 8:30 pm – just before the Office. 

And to get caught up on all the latest Pawnee News!  You should read The Pawnee Journal!


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