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Scrubs – My Cuz


Oh cuz!  I learned something new tonight!  Seems if two guys sleep with the same girl they are wiener cousins… and if two girls sleep with the same guy – bajingo sister.  

Who knew?

With only 3 episodes of Scrubs left the team at Sacred Heart is pulling things together.  Tonight Turkelton became the Chief of surgery (after a lot of teeth pulling since Perry soooo loves to hate him.)  Bob-o admitted himself as a patient and then treated himself since he didn’t like the intern assigned to him and Elliot and J.D. found out their ex’s – Kim and Sean were dating.

All around a good time!  And at the end a new decision was put out there.  How can you be a parent and give it your all when you aren’t there?  What will happen to J.D. and Elliot if he moves closer to Sam?

We’ll find out soon enough!

Scrubs airs on ABC Wednesdays @ 8!


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