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Ghost Hunter and Ghost Hunters International! Spalding Inn!!


Tonight took us to uncharted territory in the land of Ghost Hunters.  Instead of doing the investigating, Jay and Grant were the ones who owned the property being investigated!

Yes, Jason and Kris Hawes and Grant and Reanna Wilson bought a very beautiful in located in Whitefield New Hampshire – and damn if that place isn’t haunted!


The Spalding Inn (and yes, you can make a reservation and stay there) is an old home, over 150 years and has been through a bunch over the years.  Renovations, expansions, being sold and bought – until it landed in the hands of our favorite Ghost Hunters and their families!

Jason and Grant wanted to have the place investigated, but realized it would be better if the Ghost Hunters International (GHI) Team took lead.  And they did a great job!  I don’t normally watch GHI, and they have two new members that I wasn’t familiar with Angela and Brady – but your old favorites were there too!  Robb, Dustin, Joe and Barry.

Firstly, the place is beautiful.  I now have a quest to get my husband to take me there on vacation.  Second, the place is haunted!

They caught 3 EVPs – a girls saying “Hi,” another one that said “Hey,” and the third sounded like the word “Cherry,” which is super weird because The Spalding Inn used to called The Cherry Hill House. (EVPs are my favorite!)  

Besides that, Angela and Brandy had an experience with a big EMF spike after asking the spirits to move by the EMF reader.  Barry and Joe heard a male voice and a door handle jiggle, Robb and Dustin saw movement in he kitchen (where there had been reports from Grants family of activity.)

It was a crazy episode, a lot of personal experiences and proof to back it up! 

And next week… 

Essex County Mental Hospital (this is the creepiest pictures I could find…)

overbrookasylumbwpc1911Located in New Jersey, and is on constant watch by the local sheriffs department…  here is a story I found out about it:

An Overbrook Disaster

As one would imagine, with a history stretching back well over a century, hundreds of stories have come out of the hospital complex. And due to the nature of the institution, many tragedies occurred on its grounds. On December 21, 1917, The New York Times published an article that detailed what may be one of the worst tragedies to occur at Overbrook – the failure of a set of boilers during a cold wave that resulted in the deaths of 24 patients in 20 days. Here are quotes from the paper of record:

“The 1,800 insane patients at the Essex County Hospital, at Cedar Grove, NJ, are suffering serious discomfort and in some cases incurring danger from the practically complete collapse of the heating and lighting plant of the institution. The sleeping quarters of the inmates are practically without heat, and have been so during the recent cold snap… the management of the institution has even been trying to borrow a locomotive from one of the railroads to furnish steam for heating and power.

During the twenty days since the first of December there have been twenty-four deaths in the institution, as against eight for the entire month last year. There have also been thirty-two cases of frostbite in the last three weeks.”

Conditions at Overbrook became so bad during this catastrophe that the hospital’s director sent a letter to the families of interred patients encouraging them to remove their relatives from the hospital’s care until the problems could be fixed. For many decades, rumors of ghosts haunting the grounds of Overbrook have been in circulation. If these ghosts are in fact present, one must wonder – how many of those troubled souls met their end while freezing to death within the walls of the institution charged with caring for their well being?

Really, is there anything creepier than an insane asylum?  I saw one once when I went to Williamsburg, and let me tell you, that place PALES in comparison to Essex County Mental Hospital.

Next Wednesday is the Ghost Hunters mid-season finale – so be sure to tune in, because we’ll be having some time off!  

Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays on SciFi @ 9 pm and Ghost Hunters International airs on the same day and time when Ghost Hunters is on break.  (GHI will be back with new episodes July 8th)


4 Responses to “Ghost Hunter and Ghost Hunters International! Spalding Inn!!”

  1. Me and my husband watch your show all the time including the repeats you seem to be very honest and dont try to feed us alot of crap! like most of the show today. Im 59 and have had a few things that I cant explain happen to me be feel very lucky! Wish you guys had contest going for one luck person go on a case with you that would be so awesome keep up the good work , a faithful viewer!

    • That’s why I love the Ghost Hunters too. They don’t make a big scene about dust on a lens! They have had contests in the past for loyal viewers to come onto their show – but for right now the only one that is running is the PAIR-Anormal Contest. The contest is being run by Sci/Fi to find the next great Ghost Hunting duo! If you follow that link you can find out more info! Maybe you and your husband could be on Ghost Hunters?!
      If you’d like to meet the Ghost Hunters and other members of TAPS, check out their Website! There are events listed AND contact info! (and tell them I sent you!)


      Thanks for reading!

  2. Aryn Thank you for your response It would be awsome to meet alot of the taps members. And I will go to the sites you recomended, And I will let them know that you recomended them, from one faithful viewer to another thanks! Valerie

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