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Better Off Ted – Goodbye Mr. Chips!

better_off_ted2I’m happy to say I read things wrong and Better Off Ted has NOT been cancelled – but it could be!  SO, you really need to see this show.  It’s brilliant.  The cast is wonderful, the scripts are great, and its sooo funny!  Oh, and there was a rocket jet pack, who doesn’t like a rocket jet pack?  Lame people, that’s who!

Tonight opened with Linda holding a test dummy, you know, so she could throw it out a window and freak out all the people on the floors below them.  She asked Ted to join but it seems that they had his name wrong in the system and when he went to fix it, it turned out he was DELETED from the system.

This wouldn’t have been such an issues except for the fact that Ted had a meeting with the scientists, who can’t do things unless he is there.  And when Veronica put Linda in charge of them – well that led to a plan to crash the Veridian’s computer so that Ted would be back in the system.

OK – I’m really not doing this show justice.  It’s really SUPER funny and Jay Harrington, Portia De Rossi, Andrea Anders and the rest of the cast are amazing!  Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out.  

Better Off Ted airs on ABC wednesdays @ 8:30


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