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Reaper – The Home Stretch


With only 5 more episodes to go we grew one step closer to hell tonight!

The Devil is the Devil and sometimes I wonder why Sam even tries… isn’t he all knowing?  All evil and powerful?  I’d have to say yes – but Sam seems to think different…

A whole bunch happened today so lets just start from the top.  The Devil came to Sam and Morgan and gave them a challenge.  They had to catch a soul, first one that caught it became the Devil’s right hand man, the one that failed… lived a life of damnation (pretty much like the life that Sam already has.)  

Sam tried to help Morgan, but just like anything – you are what you are and that just comes out if you are that long enough… OK – simpler – Morgan’s lazy.  And the Devil knows it.  So Sam won and now Morgan is pissed off.

Andi convinced Sam to talk to Alan to find out how he got out of his contract with the Devil and in exchange the whole crew (courtesy of Sock and 10 grand he received for a dead woman he never met) send Alan to Vacatian City – where the whole city is concentrated.

It’s simple.  Sam has to challenge the Devil, the Devil – vain that he is – will accept the challenge and then Sam has to beat him.  There is one more part that Alan is waiting to tell him… if he ever can…

Seems the plane had to make a pit stop in Vegas… and Alan, a compulsive gambler, well, if he gambles it’s back in hell for him…

As for Ben, he dumped Nina after she scared his grandmother into a heart attack.  What’s that saying about a scorned woman?  What if that woman’s a demon?   

Next week, well, the Devil gets a girlfriend!  And I’m sure we’ll find out more about Morgan’s revenge, Nina’s hurt heart and if Andi is worth it… 

Reaper airs on the CW Tuesdays @ 8:00 pm


One Response to “Reaper – The Home Stretch”

  1. I loved this episode, especially the Sam and Morgan stuff. Next week looks good too. More Devil is always good.

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