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Fringe – Bad Dreams


Have you ever had a bad dream where you killed someone?  How about finding out that person actually died?

Tonight we were brought back to the “child soldiers” that were spoke about earlier in the season of Fringe.  Olivia was always suspect that she had been part of some sort of medical trial as a child and tonight her fears were confirmed, after her old buddy accidentally killed a bunch of people with his emotions. 

The whole story goes back to Massive Dynamic, Walter Bishop before the mental hospital, the ZFT and Cortexiphan – the drug Olivia might have been given to help her “enhance” her abilities as a child.  What abilities, I’m sure we’ll find out soon. 

I love this show – but I didn’t have to look at the credits to know that J.J. Abrams co-wrote this episode.  When it was proposed that Nick Lane – the man murdering the lower East Side with his emotions – and Olivia (or Olive) were buddies in a weird scientific experiment camp as children all I could hear in my head was “Project Christmas” and see Sydney Bristow standing in that vault with the weird file that said her father had put her into the program.

I hope it plays out and that Fringe stays strong for the next 3 episodes – but I have to say, things they need to avoid: #1 – the reemergence of John Scott, #2 – too much recycled material from Alias (yes, not all Fringe viewers watch Alias, but still.  New story lines aren’t a bad thing…), and #3 – tip toe around Massive Dynamic.  I love sci/fi, but there is a limit to how much you’re willing to let your mind around when the setting is SO not in a futuristic place. 

On a happy note!  They pushed Olivia and Peter closer together tonight!  That made me happy!  So, will some one get Walter a two headed goat already?!

Next week more ZFT, some spinal fluid and a missing wife… 

Fringe is on FOX Tuesdays @ 9 pm!


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