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AOTS Salute to Ohio


Oh Attack of the Show… how I watch you nearly every day… and then you go and do this!

OK – I’m lying, I’m from Ohio and I found the Ohio Tribute funny.  Yes, the Cuyahoga River has caught fire 13 times and yes Put-in-Bay is… an island… but when you’re ripping on something – at least pronounce the words right.  So next time, when you burn us (’cause I’m sure there will be a next time, I mean, what’s funnier than Ohio?  Well, except for New Jersey, nothings funnier than New Jersey…) just look up how to pronounce “Cuyahoga” it’s not hard.  It’s actually a MAJOR river.  Here – just go here, they say it FOR YOU!

And it’s PUT-in-bay – like, “put that over there” not “Lets go play putt-putt.” 

And if you haven’t seen the Salute to Ohio… check it out!

Attack of the Show airs on G4 Monday – Friday at 7pm.  Check it out to get the latest feed on gadgets, tech and so much more.  Oh, and to watch Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira jump into a pie from time to time.

This is actually one of my favorite shows on the old boob tube – but reporting on a reporting show… kinda lame.


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