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Harper’s Island


I received an email about this show 2 weeks ago and then promptly forgot to watch the premier.  It’s first episode aired the same night (and the same time) as Southland – so it, honestly, just slipped my mind.

Then last week, I remember to at least set up the DVR so that I could check it out at my leasure.  I figured I wouldn’t like it.  I was told it was a murder mystery show.  ANOTHER murder mystery show… because we need yet another one!  So, I pots around an skipped over it and watched other things I had saved, until Sunday.

I watched the opening (this is common in my life, my son likes to interrupt TV time) and I was taken off guard.  It wasn’t  just another murder mystery show – it was a horror movie TV show – and it was brutal – AND THAT IS AWESOME!

The back story of Harper’s Island is a sad one.  7 years before the current story line took place there was a spree of murders on Harper’s Island and our lead woman – Abby Mills’ [Elaine Cassidy] mother was one of the victims.  She took it so poorly her father sent her away.  Now, 7 years later she has returned to attend the wedding of her friend Henry Dunn [Christopher Gorham], but the killings start up again, and one by one the residents of Harper’s Island are being decapitated, hung, set on fire and ripped in two.

The thing I really love about this show is that it’s set up like the first season of 24.  No one thought 24 was going to be renewed so they got their 24 episodes in the can and put it on the air with a “have at it world” attitude.  And Harper’s Island is doing the same.

There are only 13 episodes and no one is safe.  No character is destined to walk away from this.  There is a serial killer and they want blood, and will stop at nothing to get it.

And lets not forget all the sub-stories about lost love, new love, small town blues and coming from the wrong side of the tracks.

If you are not a fan of the horror genre I might pass, but I think just how ballsy it is makes it worth a gander. 

I will now be watching this show every week.  Like I said, sadly, it’s on against Southland, but the original concept of this show is perfect and new.  Change is a wonderful thing and I want to be part of it. (Guess that means I’ll have to watch both!)

Harper’s Island airs on CBS on Thursdays at 10:00pm

Elaine Cassidy

Christopher Gorham

Katie Cassidy

Cameron Richardson

Adam Campbell

Jim Beaver

C.J. Thomason

Richard Burgi

Matt Barr

Dean Chekvala

Harry Hamlin


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