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Running in Heels – Finale!!


Running in heels is a reality series on the Style network that follows around 3 young women who have had the privlage to inter at Marie Claire.

Over the past two months we have had the privlage of getting to know these three women a bit better.  There is Sam – the ever loving small town girl, Talita – the L.A. sheik, dog loving girl and there is Ashley, the “I’ll kill you if that means I’ll get a head” girl. 

And today is the finale!

At 8 pm tonight we will find out who got to go to Mexico – watch Ashley talk smack about the other inters, reinforcing just how AWESOME she is – see Sam roll her eyes at Ashley and we get to find out who gets the job!

Wanna know who?

I know who!

And YOU will never guess who!

TALITA!  Little miss skinny proved herself over the last two months, from the sex column to the accidental proposed idea of seeing how exercise changed two different woman from junkies to useful parts of society.  Makes you wonder WHY Sam and Ashley were sent away just in time for Joanna to be alone with Talita…?

Now, go watch it for yourself – because Ashley’s reaction at the end… SOOOOO WORTH IT!


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